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Obedience Training

African Grey Training

“Obedience training” is a term that has been used in animal training since the dark ages. It is not a preferred term as it indicates owner dominance over an animal, which is not the ideal training scenario or mind set. However, since the term “obedience training” does not seem to want to go away, and has perhaps led you to this page, understand that our version of that term includes positive reinforcement and mutual respect.

African Greys are a wonderful species of bird with amazing abilities to verbalize. So complex is their speech that, over the years, the scientific community has had to “eat crow” and admit that the cognitive abilities of the African grey extend far beyond what was believed possible for a “mere” bird. This bird does much more than “mimic”. As we dig deeper into the mind of the incredible African grey, we have to take much more into consideration of their environment than we do our other domesticated pets like cats and dogs.

African Grey Fact #1
Because an African Grey is so intelligent, it has more complicated emotional needs. And if these needs are not met, African Greys

can become especially prone to feather plucking and aggressive behaviors. An African grey needs to be continually entertained with toys and activities (especially while in the cage) to avoid the bad habits that can result from boredom and discontent.

African Grey Fact #2

The African Grey species is ranked as the 2nd most likely species of bird to develop feather plucking problems (and is way up there for ending up in rescues by owners who were in over their heads.)

African Grey Fact #3

With the African Grey’s huge brain power comes a huge advantage in training. Trick training can be a fun way to provide your Grey with the daily interaction and the mental stimulation it needs to keep it from getting bored.

If you are seriously considering the purchase of an African Grey, then let me make a couple recommendations for you…

You must be willing to take the time to give your African Grey the attention he deserves. Just a few minutes a day of one on one time, training or engaging him in a mutual activity is all that is needed to solidify your relationship and keep him active mentally. Hanging out together is fun, but it isn’t the interactive time he craves. When you expose yourself and your bird to the wonderful world of training, you’ll notice a much happier bird who is EAGER to spend more time with you! Biting out of aggression and screaming for your attention will no longer be part of your daily routine.

The best training sessions are the ones that are short and sweet – and the ones that always end on a positive note leaving everyone wanting more. This might mean 2 five minute sessions a day – sound do-able? We can show you how. Then you can both kick back and enjoy a good movie together.

It’s that simple to have well behaved African Grey Parrot, who you can’t wait to spend some time with and who can’t wait to be with you.


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