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African Greys

African greys, while not as brightly colored as some of the other parrot species, bring some unique attributes to the table making them a highly sought after species to new buyers. Imagine having a bird with a vocabulary of thousands of words and phrases – a bird that can ask for what it wants because it has learned to put a label to the many things in its environment!

Unfortunately, as brilliant as the African grey is, it is not capable of conveying to an owner when something in its environment is causing stress. And, sadly, all too many owners learn that their bird has been struggling only after fear-related behaviors appear.

Thankfully, the brilliance of the African grey makes them easy to train and thousands of Birdtricks clients have gone on to fix serious cases of biting & feather plucking in their African greys.

Take for example, Vincent, a client who came to us wanting help with the biting issues his African grey was having…

Trained African Grey“Before I got your training system, my African grey had become a nightmare.

He’d attack anyone who spoke to me… and bite me for speaking to them!!!

Getting him into his cage became a chasing and dive bomb game with a lot of biting.

Like most people, I took advice from the breeder and other African grey owners, but nothing was working. The older he got, the more worried I got. Would he be condemned to a cage for the rest of his life?

From the moment I started using your training system, there was an instant change. And you were RIGHT… your training diet is key!!!!

You opened a window of communication between us — he was waving “hi” in the first lesson!

He will shake hands… He will shake his head “no” and nod for “yes”…. He can even “pick a color”! (I’ll ask him to show me “green” or “yellow” or “blue” or “red” using my four-color ring. Amazing!)

I’ve already recommended your program to friends In Norway. The system can work for anyone — with ANY bird! My nephew is even using your program on a parakeet!

Vincent Houlihan
Proud owner of an African grey
Dublin, Ireland


And Vincent is just one of thousands of African grey owners who’ve used Birdtricks’ coaching and the African grey training program to completely rehabilitate their African greys.

We provide a comprehensive training system that allows any African grey owner to get their African grey to willingly step up when asked, stop biting, and put an end to feather plucking for good. If trained properly maybe your African grey could be like Alex the worlds smartest African grey parrot!

If your African grey is having behavior problems and you’re serious about finally fixing them, or even if your grey isn’t showing behavior problems yet, and you want to keep it that way, click here to sign up for out free African grey Training Course and free videos.