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Timneh African Grey Parrots


Photo credit: Mel Lovic

The timneh African greys, like their subspecies brother the Congo, are extremely intelligent. They are great talkers and mimickers and are a delightful addition to the family. But while some owners report the timneh to be less phobic than the Congo African grey, others find both to be similarly “neurotic”.

The timneh and the Congo African greys come burdened with personality traits that cause them to be especially alert to and fearful of things in their environment. These traits might cause them to act in ways that an afraid bird typically would – with biting, screaming and unsociability.

It is a heartbreaking truth that the fearful timneh African grey will eventually resort to plucking if it remains in conditions that are perceived as stressful or frightening.

Very little is understood about the act of feather plucking. When it isn’t brought on by a medical condition, it is considered to be a behavioral anomaly. Finding the environmental cause is a process that can take months or years, and sometimes the cause isn’t discovered in time to save the follicles that allow feather regrowth – leaving your bird bald for a lifetime.

The best way to ensure that YOUR bird doesn’t develop fear based behaviors like biting, screaming or plucking is to see that it doesn’t develop the fears that initiate them. A confident bird, one that is comfortable and unafraid of its environment, will not suffer from excessive fear.

Photo credit: Gaye Elka Freedman


In a word: training. Training using positive reinforcement is a simple, yet powerful, means to connect with a bird that might mistrust your intentions, or might be frightened of the world around him. Through repeated positive training experiences and happy interaction with you, a fearful parrot will quickly learn that the world is not a scary place after all.

Training builds confidence from the foundation up and maintains it through the years to come. Click here to learn more: ONE DAY MIRACLES