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Timneh Cage & Diet

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It is an unfortunate truth that when most people bring home their first parrot, they are poorly prepared. It is fair to say that this fault lies more with the seller than the buyer – the average pet owner does not understand the complexities of parrot ownership and would not find preparation necessary. It’s up to the breeders and pet store to send them home with the tools they need to provide best care possible.

That’s not usually how it works out – the sellers of birds often misdirect new owners. Sometimes they understate the level of care a bird needs in order to make a sale, and pet stores will usually push the items that they sell – even when they are of inferior quality. In the end, it’s the bird that suffers.

Congratulations to you for being a conscientious bird owner that cares enough to be here looking for guidance on the care and diet of your timneh African grey.


The timneh African grey, while considered a medium sized parrot, is actually quite a large bird – especially when compared to the ones you usually see in pet stores. They require a large cage that is spacious enough for multiple perches, many large toys and to allow room for vigorous play.

The cage for an African grey should have MINUMUM dimensions of 36″ L X 28″ W X 36″H of interior space – the space that your bird actually occupies, which does not include extended length from the legs, playtops or seed guards.

The bar spacing should be 3/4″ – 1″ to keep the timneh African grey safe from the possible trapping of body parts (such as heads, wings and toes) in bars that are spaced too widely or too close together.

The very best quality cages are made of stainless steel. They are also the most expensive, but will last for the entirety of your African grey’s life. When you average the cost out over the 50 years your bird might occupy it, it doesn’t seem like so much.

Another suitable choice for an African grey is a powder coated cage. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your chosen cage before you buy to make sure the coating is safe and non-toxic. Some cages manufactured in China test high for zinc in their powder coating. Heavy metal toxicity can kill a bird. Always buy a name brand cage from a reputable supplier.

Whichever cage you decide to buy, make sure it is safe, durable and practical to service. You will be supplying food and water and changing the cage lining every day. Make sure that the cage makes it easy to tend to those duties!


Just as important as it is to provide the perfect cage is the task of creating a perfect environment inside it! The cage is where most birds spend the majority of their lives. It must be set up to offer entertainment, and encourage activity throughout the day.

Perches And Toys

The cage should be set up with a variety of perches of different shapes, diameters and textures. The availability of different surfaces to stand on promotes good parrot foot health. The perches must be cleaned regularly. Food residue becomes the source of foot infections, and given that a parrot spends its entire life on its feet, infections in that area are a serious matter.

Most new owners are not fully aware of the important role that toys have in their parrot’s life. Toys come in many varieties and serve multiple purposes – they are much more than just a plaything.

Parrots are chewers by nature. Their wild counterparts spend hours reconstructing holes in the trunks of trees to suit a future family. In captivity, this urge to chew remains and we must provide the toys with which to do that – or our furniture may pay the price! You may find it necessary to test out several varieties of chewable and shreddable materials to satisfy your bird’s needs.

Aside from preventing utter boredom in the cage, toys also elicit movement. Lack of exercise leads to health issues, such as obesity, a common affliction with companion parrots. When setting up the cage, the wise owner will place perches and toys in opposing locations forcing the bird climb and reach to get to the things they want most.

The RIGHT Parrot Diet

A timneh African grey needs a mixture of fresh produce (fruits and veggies), whole grains, and legumes as the mainstay of the diet. Additionally, African greys benefit from the occasional hard-boiled egg, or other calcium rich food, as hypocalcemia (calcium deficiency) is common with this species.

Diet is the area of parrot care where most owners fall short of expectation. It is a confusing subject that is made more so by scientific jargon. The quality of your timneh African grey’s life depends on your ability to decipher the information available online. When you ask for help, you very often walk away with more questions.

Since the majority of parrot health issues can be traced back to inadequate diet, this is NOT the area of parrot care where you want to lack confidence. To properly and safely feed your bird you have to know…

  • What you can and cannot feed
  • How to prepare the different foods to make them safe
  • How much is too much or too little to offer
  • How to get your bird to actually eat the foods you serve

After years of watching people struggle to do the right thing by their birds, we decided to compile all of the information needed into a single nutritional guide. Cooking For Parrots answers all the questions you have about parrot nutrition and alleviates those doubts that keep you from feeding your bird the perfect diet. It also includes over 100 parrot tested recipes. Please click HERE to learn more.

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Cooking For Parrots

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