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Red Lored Amazon

Three Tips To Turn Your Biting Red Lored
Amazon Parrot Back Into A Snuggly Sweetie

You likely bought your Red Lored Amazon parrot because of its reputation as an affectionate and cuddly bird, much like a cockatoo. However some owners find, once the parrot reaches maturity, their wonderful and cuddly bird has a few issues.

Bottom line, Red Lored’s can be noisy. While that isn’t generally enough to drive an owner crazy it is something that you must accept.

What you don’t have to accept are behavior problems. The most notable behavior problems of Red Lored Amazon Parrots are the tendency to scream or bite. So read on for more tips to stop this or jump over and check out our Training Package which also will help you with this.

If you’re experiencing any undesirable behavior problems here are a few questions to ask yourself:

#1 Is your Red Lored Amazon Parrot frightened?

In their natural environment, Red Lored Amazon Parrots are often characterized as shy and gentle. When any unknown sound, animal, or person enters the scene Red Loreds can be found hiding high up deep in the leaves of trees. To make your parrot comfortable, make sure that your Red Lored feels secure in his environment.

If he or she is near a window, consider moving them from the window so they don’t feel threatened by the activity outside. If his cage is in the middle of a room, relocate his cage to a corner where he only has to keep watch on one or two sides of his cage.

#2 Is your Red Lored Amazon Parrot bored?

Like all parrots, the Red Lored Amazon parrot requires lots of attention. They are intelligent animals and will become bored and unhappy if left alone too long. While they do quite well in a large cage, they can hang out on a perch for extended periods of time.

When you can’t be with your Amazon parrot be sure to leave plenty of toys in their cage. Toys can, and should, vary in color, texture, size, and even purpose. Some toys are created specifically for chewing some are problem solving toys and others are simply exploratory tools – all are great toys to keep your bird engaged, happy and not screaming or biting you.

#3 Is your Red Lored Amazon Parrot jealous?

Red Lored Amazon Parrots, like most Amazons, are extremely social parrots and enjoy the company of people as well as other birds. They form strong bonds with their owners. In fact, during the spring mating season your Red Lored Amazon Parrot may become particularly noisy and even aggressive if you aren’t giving him the attention he wants. The screaming problem surfaces when someone or something takes your attention away from your parrot.

Do you have a new pet or family member? Has your schedule changed so that you’re spending less time with your Red Lored than before? The solution to this is easy, spend more time with your parrot. If, however, your Red Lored has taken to attacking the new family member, pet, or even you then more specific measures will need to be taken.

The first thing you want to make sure you’re not doing is reacting strongly to your parrots screams or biting behavior. When you do this, when you pull away, yell, or give them any kind of attention for their behavior you’re actually reinforcing the behavior. What do you do instead? Consider taking a tip from parrot trainers and train the behavior out of them.

One way to do this is to cover their cage when they start screaming. This tends to quiet your bird.

Red Lored Amazon parrots are exceptional at training and learning the rules of your home. Trick training is a fantastic way to teach your Red Lored that screaming and biting are not acceptable in a positive and productive manner.Trick training will reinforce your bond with your beautiful bird and it establishes you as the trusted head of the household.

Check out Birdtricks.com for videos, newsletters, and free resources all devoted to training your Red Lored Amazon Parrot and eliminating unwanted screaming and biting behaviors.