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Yellow Crowned Amazon: Quite a Talker

Among the 27 sub-species of Amazon parrots is the Yellow Crowned Amazon. This small bird, up to 14 inches in size, is a very social and interactive parrot. Yellow Crowned Amazon is generally green with a bright yellow cap or stripe on their forehead. They have a yellowish-green underbelly and a bright red on the inside edge of its wing.

The tail is also yellow-green underneath with a red spot at the base of each feather. The eyes of the Yellow Crowned Amazon, also known as the Yellow-Fronted or the Yellow-Naped Amazon, are orange surrounded by an unfeathered white ring of skin.

Their beak is light gray. Juveniles are known to be slightly paler in color without the red coloring.

This particular species is generally well behaved and considered to be kid-friendly. They are a great addition to any household. Highly intelligent and talkative, the Yellow Crowned Amazon can live up to 50 years provided he is cared for with proper nutrition and exercise.

While they’re generally considered healthy and hearty birds, the Yellow Fronted can be susceptible to internal parasites, intestinal influenza, coccidiosis, respiratory ailments, and psittacosis. Proper care and attention, and regular trips to the avian veterinarian, will help keep the Yellow Crowned free from illness. In addition, keeping their cage clean is essential to prevent any infection. Generally, however, they are considered very healthy parrots.

Because this species lives in the wild with large flocks, they are quite social in behavior and playful as well. They love attention, and are very entertaining. If trained properly, you can virtually dissipate their sometimes irritable moods and become quite the jokesters.

Training, here is the key. The Yellow Crowned Amazon is a wonderful, and occasionally challenging parrot. Owners who want a successful and amicable relationship with their Yellow Fronted will take time every day to focus on training. For more information on the proper training techniques we suggest you sign up for our Free Newsletter!

Although there are sub-species of Amazons who are more talkative than others, you can be sure that the Yellow Crowned Amazon will talk and screech with the best of them. They mimic sounds, not unlike the African Grey, and develop close-knit bonds with their owners.

One of the fascinating traits associated with an Amazon parrot is that they become fiercely loyal; that is to say, if they hone in on one family member, they may become jealous of other members of the family who show affection to one another. Therefore, if the Amazon becomes upset – you’ll hear it loud and clear. Training and socialization will go a long way toward curbing this behavior, the jealousy and the screeching.

They learn to speak from the age of three months and the frequency with which they pick up new words and sounds is very unique. Many trainers and bird experts recommend training the Yellow Fronted with both verbal cues and physical or hand cues.

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Typically noisy in the mornings and evenings, when they are normally communicating with their flock, they can also develop screaming habits. Screaming, biting, feather plucking and other undesirable behaviors can be prevented and eliminated with regular training.

If you are considering acquiring a Yellow Crowned Amazon, you may want to research the cage size. It is important that the Amazon has enough room to spread his wings about the cage, as well as play with non-toxic toys. They love to climb as well, so ensure you have a ladder in the cage as well.

As for their diet, it is recommended that you serve them a natural pellet-based diet supplemented with daily fruits and vegetables. Prone to obesity, it is advised to reduce nuts and seeds and serve them only as treats and rewards during training sessions.

The Yellow Crowned Amazon, like many Amazons, is an ideal pet until they reach adolescence and then the hormones kick in. Along with those hormones, they begin to exhibit aggression, which most often shows up as biting and screaming. Fun stuff!

While this is when most owners back off from their Yellow Crowned, that is the last thing to do! They need plenty of attention, TLC, and training during this time period so that they may continue to bond with you, behave, and live a happy life with you and your family.

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