Yellow Fronted Amazon Care |

Yellow Fronted Amazon Care

Caring for a Yellow Fronted Amazon

The Yellow Fronted Amazon is friendly and loves to talk. They can talk quite well and are extremely social.

If you’re not going to be around to engage and interact with your bird daily, then consider getting a different bird. This bird is the loudest of its fellow Amazon buddies. If loud noises don’t bother you, then keep reading.

They’re also notorious chewers. With the precociousness of a child, the chewing could be an issue if not trained properly. However, the first step to a well behaved Yellow Fronted Amazon is proper care and feeding.

Proper Yellow Fronted Amazon care and feeding begins with a proper caging environment. Amazons are larger than average birds that require a larger cage, 36” x 36” minimum.

This species likes the freedom of an outdoor aviary but can adapt to the caged life if they are given freedom to roam and hang out with their family several hours a day.

This doesn’t just meet their social needs, they need to be outside of their cage to get the physical exercise they require. The Yellow Fronted Amazon is intelligent, which means they are easy to tame. When you’re not home, they will be happy if you fill their cage with lots of chewable and entertaining toys.

Rotate the toys regularly to avoid boredom. Since they love to chew, you may need to change toys more often than with other parrot species. Toys can be made of hard rubber that won’t break off in pieces when the Amazon chews on them.

The cage needs a sunny area free of air drafts. These birds are used to warm climates and the home is no exception. Sunlight is also necessary to produce the all important vitamin K – essential for proper skin and feather development. The Amazon needs space for food bowls, perches, and toys. Take all of this into consideration when you search for the cage.

The best cage materials are stainless steel or steel coated in a non-toxic and non-chipping paint. Look for cages with safe drawbridge type doors, casters for easy movability, and safe bar distances.

Fresh water for drinking needs to be provided each day – distilled is preferable as Parrots are not accustomed to processing chlorine. Food for your Amazon offers variety. They primarily exist on seeds, fruits, and nuts in the wild.

In captivity they thrive on an natural pellet based diet. It may take some time to convert your Amazon to this type of diet, however it is well worth the effort. In addition to pellets, your Yellow Crowned Amazon will still need the other food. Fruits and vegetables provide phytonutrients that promote a healthy immune system in your bird.

Fruits that they can eat include berries, apples, and grapes. They also eat flowers in the wild. They can have the occasional blossom to top off their meal. Try broccoli for the green portion of their diet.

Sunflower seeds, pine nuts, peanuts, and other grains are good for them. Try to limit the amount of high fat seeds and nuts so obesity doesn’t become a problem for the Amazon. Change his food composition each week or two so the Amazon doesn’t get tired of eating the same old thing everyday. The Yellow Fronted Amazon, like you or I, will develop favorites, however the more variety you offer the healthier they’ll be and the less picky they’ll be.

A well cared for Yellow Fronted Amazon can live for an average of seventy years. He is not like Sparky the goldfish. Consider that fact when you look to purchase a pet that will become a life-long companion.