Yellow Fronted Amazon Common Problems |

Yellow Fronted Amazon Common Problems

Yellow Fronted Amazon Problems

The Yellow Fronted Amazon is one of the easiest birds to be trained, socialized, and to own as a companion parrot. However even the best birds sometimes act up.

When the Yellow Fronted Amazon acts up owners need to act quickly to nip any problems in the proverbial bud.

So what problems might a Yellow Fronted Amazon owner face? They typical problems include biting, screaming, and feather plucking.

The most common complaint of Yellow Fronted Amazons is that they’re noisy birds.

Noisy is different from screaming. Yellow Fronted’s are notoriously noisy in the morning and in the evening. In the wild this is when they’re greeting their flock. It’s happy hour in the jungle. In your home, you’re the flock so they’re going to happily greet you. Screaming on the other hand is a behavior that is intended to elicit a reaction.

For example, you get home and don’t immediately let your Yellow Fronted Amazon out of their cage. They scream. You walk over and let them out of their cage. Two things have just happened. One, you’ve given your bird what they wanted. Two, you’ve encouraged them to scream next time they want you to let them out of their cage. In short, you’ve just trained your bird to scream.

Another example, your Amazon screams and you yell or throw water on them. They stop because they’re startled. You’ve solved the problem, right? Wrong. Your Amazon has just learned that you give them a strong reaction when they scream. To learn the correct positive reinforcement training techniques you need to sign up for our free newsletter.

It won’t stop them, it’ll actually make the behavior worse. Negative responses or reactions on your part, breed more negative behavior. Additionally, most parrots prefer negative attention to no attention at all.

What do you do? Positive reinforcement is the key. Reward the good behavior and ignore to the best of your ability the bad behavior. When your Amazon is screaming it is better to ignore it for the moment and work to reinforce the good behaviors. Like when they stop screaming.

Generally screaming biting and feather plucking are the result of something missing in your Yellow Fronted’s environment. Maybe they’re frightened, stressed from changes in the home, bored, or they’re not getting enough sleep or quality nutrients.

If your Yellow Fronted is screaming, it is helpful to first determine why and then work with them via strategic training measures and positive reinforcement to eliminate the behavior.

Biting. Biting in a Yellow Fronted Amazon generally occurs for one of two reasons, they’re either struggling with sexual hormones which can occur both as they’re approaching maturity and during breeding season. The other reason a Yellow Fronted might bite is if they’re not properly socialized, they’re frightened.

Regardless if your bird is biting because they’re hormonal or if they’re frightened, both reasons are basically handled the same way. Training. Training helps to socialize your Yellow Fronted Amazon and while it isn’t an overnight fix it is a permanent fix. Once your Yellow Fronted learns to adapt to situations, through training, without tremendous fear that causes biting, they’ll be much easier to live with.

Additionally, training teaches them how to behave in a manner that is acceptable to you. If biting isn’t allowed in your home then it is the responsibility of the owner to train them alternative behaviors and to establish structures that eliminate situations where biting might occur.

For example, if a Yellow Fronted Amazon bites whenever someone reaches into the cage to retrieve them, then learning the ‘step up’ command will help to eliminate this behavior. Training is a necessary both to prevent biting from happening and to eliminate the behavior should it occur.

Feather plucking is another complaint of some Yellow Fronted Amazon owners. Feather plucking is often the result of boredom, stress, or medical illness. If a Yellow Fronted is pulling their feathers out, take them to the veterinarian immediately. Once medical issues have been eliminated as the cause of the behavior, owners can then address behavior reasons. Again, training is a good way to eliminate feather plucking

Biting, screaming, and feather plucking are all behaviors that bird owners have to deal with from time to time. Diligence, patience, and lots of love are required to both prevent these behaviors from occurring and to eliminate them if they should show up.