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Training a Cockatiel

Cockatiels have been popular in show business for years because of their intelligence and high level of trainability. They are natural born entertainers.  But it’s not justparrot training, cockatiels, cockatiel training, cockatiel biting, cockatiel screaming, cockatiel tips tricks that they learn. Their natural curiosity and need for discovery makes them information sponges. Therefore, every interaction you have with your bird is a training session, whether you realize it or not.

When we lose sight of that fact, we sometimes discover that our Cockatiels have been training us. Here’s a scenario that you might find familiar:

Example Training Scenario #1

Every night after work you come home to the sound of your cockatiel screaming. You logically think to yourself: “No wonder he’s screaming. He’s been locked in his cage all day long waiting for me to come home.” Using this justification, you dutifully take him from his cage and lavish him with attention.

Guess what? Your have taught your bird that when he wants out of his cage, he should scream and he knows exactly how you will respond.

Here’s another common problem:

Example Training Scenario #2

You have an errand to run and need to put your cockatiel back in its cage. You reach to retrieve him from his playstand and he bites your finger. You pull your hand away and step back in surprise. 

Your bird has learned that when he does not want to be interrupted from his activities, a well placed bite will make your hand disappear. What a great trick that is!

In both examples you have reinforced screaming and/or biting behaviors in your bird. Your bird has learned how to manipulate YOUR behaviors with its own and it was all done in the blink of an eye without you even being aware it was happening.

Training A Cockatiel To Stop Biting

That’s where we come in! We have many years of experience with parrots, and cockatiels are a favorite parrot species here. We invite you to learn about your parrot, about how parrots interact with people and how to make the most of that relationship.

Our best selling course One Day Miracles will teach you how to modify your bird’s unwanted behaviors using clear, easy to understand language and techniques that will help you teach your bird how to communicate its wants in an acceptable way. We use our own birds, as well as untamed, untrained pet store birds, as models for demonstration.


These are some of the things you will learn about in our course:

  • -Deconstructing learned behaviors – how to teach your bird that screaming and biting is not the best way to get your attention.
  • -Modifying your own behaviors – by understanding what makes us so easy to manipulate.
  • -Understanding why birds do what they do-  so you can work with their natural instincts and inclinations and use them to your mutual advantage.
  • -Understanding body language –  to see that bite coming so you will know what to do to avoid it.
  • -Understanding what triggers unwanted behaviors – how to create an environment for your bird that does not result in screaming or biting.
  • Birds do not come into our homes with an understanding of what is “appropriate” behavior or what is “acceptable” to humans. They only know how to do one thing: be a bird. Our training courses teach you how to achieve the results you want in the simplest, fastest and most mutually beneficial way: by using positive reinforcement.

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