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Facts About Cockatoos

Cockatoos are a very popular choice among many new bird owners. Along with their stunning appearance, they are a very interactive species, both emotionally and physically, traits that make them endearing to potential new owners. However, the cockatoo is arguably the most complicated and challenging of the many parrot species, and, for that reason, the one most often relinquished to rescues and sanctuaries when things go wrong. And as cockatoos never do anything in a small way, when things go wrong, they go very wrong.

If you are unprepared for the headstrong, often demanding, nature of the cockatoo you might find yourself living with a bird who has taken control of every aspect of your life. Imagine your bird dictating when you get up, what you are gong to do, and when and if you may socialize with friends and relatives. It happens, but it doesn’t have to happen to you…

With a species such as this that can come to be so reliant on their owners attention and physical affection, it is very easy for the new owner to make crucial mistakes in the raising of their cockatoo that will result in unwanted behaviors. Some of these behaviors include (but are not limited to) property destruction, mind numbing decibel levels and even bloodshed. With their powerful beaks and vocal capacity, this is not your average bird and you will need trustworthy guidance.of those experienced with this species to see you through the rough spots..

One of the tools bird owners can use to their advantage is body language. It helps decipher a cockatoo’s many moods and offers clues as to its intentions. Reading body language can be difficult for even the most experienced bird owner. But a cockatoo’s body language is notoriously hard to read and it is an area where many owners admit to falling short.

Did you know that…
… A cockatoo is capable of producing vocalizations that can carry for over a mile in the wild. You can only imagine what that same volume would be like in your home.
…A cockatoo bite is different from other bird bites. On the cockatoo’s lower mandible are two prongs that, when combined with the pointed top mandible, give them the advantage of being able to hold and tear in three separate places. This is not something you want to learn about firsthand.

Often going hand in hand with biting and screaming are feather destructive behaviors. You may start to notice bald patches under the wings, on the legs or below the throat of your once fully feathered cockatoo. This can be the result of improper weaning, an overly pampered juvenile, or an adult that is troubled by his past. It is a frustrating and challenging problem, and barring any medical possibilities, it is an issue that might have been avoided with the right knowledge and advice.

If you are the owner of a cockatoo that is exhibiting unwanted behaviors, don’t despair, all hope is not lost! Even the most resistant cockatoo can be trained to live in harmony in your home. Our clients have learned to overcome the hurdles with courses that address the specific issues. Errol H. says: “We rescued our first goffin cockatoo about two years ago and it was our first bird experience…. We applied the advice [] provided and to our great delight it worked as promised…Our little parrot has become a beautiful member of our family that we enjoy tremendously and has contributed greatly to our appreciation of our relationship with him. [has] become an extension of our bird family and we feel a part of their bird family.” Further, the information found in our monthly Parrot Magic newsletter will prove invaluable in helping to further your training skills and improve your relationship with your bird.

With help, your cockatoo will be happy and well-adjusted, peace will be restored to your home, and you will never again have to apologize to your friends and family for your parrot’s out-of-control behavior.

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