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5 Tips To Find And Evaluate The
Right Cockatoo Training Video

Congratulations! Deciding to trick train your Cockatoo is likely one of the best pet ownership decisions you’ve made. It shows that you care about your cockatoo and you’re willing to invest time into his happiness, health, and his ability to get along in your family.

Of course maybe you just want your cockatoo to perform awesome tricks. That’s fine; the end result will be the same. You’ll have a happy, healthy, and well adjusted cockatoo that will no longer bite or scream. Here are some tips to help you find the right cockatoo video training guide:

Cockatoo Training Tip #1

Look for a cockatoo training video with a guarantee.

Why do I state this first? Because if the creators of the cockatoo training video don’t believe in their training system, why should you? You’re spending your hard earned money and time to train your bird, you want a system that works and the creators believe in. Additionally, you’re spending your hard earned cash if the course doesn’t work for you or your Cockatoo then it’s nice to know that you can get your money back.

Cockatoo Training Tip #2

Look for cockatoo videos that address your concerns and bird trick behavior needs. Do you want to train your cockatoo to stop biting and screaming or are you looking for a cockatoo to roll over or ride a scooter?

Do you want your cockatoo to be willing to interact with friends and family in a positive manner? Do you want your cockatoo to simply wow family and friends? What ever your needs are, look for a program that addresses them specifically.

Cockatoo Training Video Tip #3

Look for training videos that work with untrained cockatoos, not perfectly trained cockatoos. Why on earth would you want to watch a trainer demonstrate on a perfectly trained cockatoo? What are you learning? Seems to me that the only thing you’re learning is that yes, the cockatoo is well trained.

That’s not why you bought the video is it? You bought the video because you want to train your cockatoo – and he’s not perfect, yet. It’s much better to watch a trainer work with a cockatoo that doesn’t yet know the skill, that way you get to see the reality of cockatoo training rather than the fantasy. You see the typical cockatoo behaviors, the challenges the specific needs of your bird and your bird’s breed.

Cockatoo Training Video Tip #4

Look for a cockatoo video that utilizes positive reinforcement training techniques and theories: Negative reinforcement breeds fear. Fear breeds bad behavior and aggression. You may be able to terrify a specific behavior out of your animal however the results won’t be consistent and you’ll be creating a new and potentially worse behavior in your animal.

I know you don’t want that. You have a cockatoo because they’re fantastic, loving, kind, loyal animals. It’s understandable that you want your cockatoo to behave. Make it easy on the both of you and seek cockatoo training videos that promote positive reinforcement training practices.

Cockatoo Training Tip #5

Look for cockatoo training videos that help you eliminate or prevent unwanted behaviors: Screaming, biting, and feather plucking are unwanted behaviors and you can train your bird to eliminate these behaviors. It’s great to have a cockatoo that can perform interesting and fun tricks but what about a cockatoo that never bites, screams or pulls his beautiful feathers out?