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Goffin Cockatoo

The Spunky Goffins Cockatoo

parrot training, goffins cockatoo, goffins cockatoo training, goffins cockatoo info, goffins cockatoo personalityThe goffins cockatoo is nothing short of a treasure. At 12-13″ in length they are one of the smaller of the cockatoo species, but they pack a wallop when it comes to personality and charm. The goffins will often hold their beaks slightly ajar, giving the appearance of an ever present “smile”.

These energetic and inquisitive birds want to be where the action is at all times. They love spending time with their humans and generally do well as a family bird. Being active, they utilize every inch of their cage and require a lot of entertainment in the form of toys.

The goffins cockatoo seems to be a parrot with a background in engineering. They are famous for their ability to “break out” of any cage, regardless of the measures their owner take to contain them. Once they watch you open the main door or feeder doors only once or twice, they begin to plot their escape.

parrot training, goffins cockatoo, goffins cockatoo training, goffins cockatoo info, goffins cockatoo personalityThey go on to pick padlocks and have been known to open combination locks. No joke. Most people discover this hidden talent the hard way: when they come home to the demolition site that used to be their living room. These birds can and will get into everything if let unsupervised.

However, this particular artistry makes them perfect candidates for foraging toys since they are so adept at getting into (or out of) whatever suits them.

They are affectionate birds and love a hands-on relationship with their humans, but, unlike the larger cockatoos, they are less demanding of physical attention. It is important that the very social goffins cockatoo gets at least a couple of hours of out of cage time every day.

All members of the family should interact daily with your goffins cockatoo to keep it well socialized and willing to be handled by everyone. This species has a tendency toward fearfulness and needs to be gently exposed to new things often to keep it adaptable to the inevitable changes that life brings.

Like any parrot, improper care and environment will result in unwanted behaviors such as screaming , biting and feather destruction, such as plucking, to which they can be prone.

In general, the goffins cockatoos are friendly and happy birds. But they are also cockatoos and, as such, have the potential to go off the rails when they are dissatisfied with their environment or are receiving inadequate care.

How To Train Your Goffin Cockatoo

We, at Birdtricks.com, have years of experience with the different cockatoo species. We have learned that this is a species that thrives with training.

That’s why we offer Cockatoo Owners a free class on how to prevent and stop your Cockatoo from ever developing biting habits and how to stop biting if it’s already started to rear it’s ugly head.

If you do not know how to train a Cockatoo to stop biting signing up is free here:

Free Stop Your Parrots Biting Class (Online)


Cockatoos are very full of themselves and believe that the sun rises only for them each day. They are happiest when you get onboard with that idea. Training makes them the sole focus of your attention, as should be the case, from their standpoint. They will go to great lengths to earn rewards, and often praise is as acceptable to them as food.

Training will keep their brilliant minds and their strong bodies healthy and active. And it will create the ultimate bonding experience for you both.

The goffins cockatoo is precious and demure in appearance, but don’t let the package fool you! This bird can pack a wallop if unwanted behaviors are allowed to get out of hand. Like their larger cockatoo cousins, they need specific handling in order to thrive in captivity.


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