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Salmon Crested Cockatoo

Also Known As The “Moluccan Cockatoo”

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The beautiful and flashy moluccan cockatoo, also referred to as the salmon crested cockatoo, is the largest of the cockatoo species.

They are generally thought of as white birds, though there is a distinctive salmon colored cast to their overall appearance. Their recumbent crest displays a vivid salmon color when erect and the underside of their wing and tail are both yellow and salmon.

Moluccan Cockatoo - 63The moluccan cockatoo is energetic and highly intelligent and requires a very large cage and an environment that keeps them mentally and physically active. They are a very social parrot who will crave interaction with their human family. Like their cousin, the umbrella cockatoo, they are cuddly and physically affectionate, but they have the tendency to bond so closely with their human caregivers that they neglect their duties as a bird and can become content only when in the company of humans.

Moluccans are frequent parrot rescue residents and most there will have begun at least some degree of feather destructive behavior.  Many begin to self-mutilate by tearing holes into their featherless chests and wings. They are a particularly sensitive and emotionally complicated species. They require dedicated and experienced owners in order to thrive in captivity.

A well raised cockatoo is one that is encouraged to play independently and does not require constant human interaction to be happy. The wise moluccan cockatoo owner will resist their bird’s requests for continual physical attention to avoid starting a cycle of screaming  for your attention, and biting out of frustration. Many moluccan cockatoos end up in parrot or these reasons – and it is something that can be avoided with proper handling.

3562274327_cd8e698f81Our years of experience with the large cockatoos has taught us that the most productive interactions with this species are ones that offer your full attention and focus without unnecessary physical contact. Cuddling is not a productive activity.

Training, whether it’s just the basics  or more complex behaviors, will satisfy all of your moluccan cockatoo’s needs; it gets the undivided attention it craves from you and gets to put its active brain into high gear, all while earning treats!

It’s all about finding fun activities to do with your Cockatoo that make him think, solve puzzles and interact with you in a way that challenges him mentally.  We have to try to recreate challenges in captivity to make up for the challenges they no longer have to deal with in the wild… or they build up anxiety.

A great place to start learning more about what that means is to join us on one of our free weekly training classes, where we talk about how to prevent behavior problems in your Cockatoo and really get him to bond with you.

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