Umbrella Cockatoo Feather Plucking |

Umbrella Cockatoo Feather Plucking

Sedating Your Umbrella Cockatoo
To Prevent Feather Plucking

Recently we’ve had several questions from our subscribers on whether or not sedating your parrot, specifically your Umbrella Cockatoo with natural sedatives.

Umbrella CockatooThere are many different things we teach in our feather plucking course and using natural relievers are one of the methods we suggest to stop this terrible habit.

There is even a company called that sells supplements geared toward parrots who have a problem with feather plucking.

One of the main reasons Umbrella Cockatoos will pluck is because of a nutritional deficiency. Hopefully your bird is on a very balanced diet that include pellets and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables but it’s still possible he might not be getting enough calcium in his diet.

Bird’s don’t digest dairy very well, so it’s kind of hard for them to get enough calcium… since eating a quart of Ben ‘n Jerry’s might land them in the morgue.

That’s why I recommend these guys supplements. Calcium is a bit of a natural sedative, plus it helps maintain nerve and brain functions — if those aren’t working properly parrots often start plucking..

Personally I’d try to make sure and feed your bird a NATURAL pellet. I recommend Harrison’s or Life Enhancing Natural Pellets… both are excellent, natural brands of food.

But there’s something else that can work wonders that you didn’t mention. If your bird isn’t plucking because of nutritional reasons, all the supplements in the world aren’t going to help you.

It could be that your parrot is NOT being mentally stimulated… and at some point in his life was half driven to madness, by one of his seven owners never giving him new toys to play with on a weekly basis, or never learning new tricks or behaviors that mentally engaged him.

That could be EXACTLY why he plucks — as a stress reliever to severe boredom.

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