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Umbrella Cockatoos
Are They Right For You?

Ever wonder where the Umbrella Cockatoo comes from? How it got that magnificent tuft of feathers atop its head? The tuft of feathers is called a crest and in the case of the Umbrella Cockatoo, that crest is called a recumbent crest which means the feathers are able to stand straight up when raised and lie flat when lowered. Other cockatoos like the sulfur crested cockatoo have recursive crests which means the feathers are curved.

Okay, enough about their feathers for a moment. Why would you want to bring an Umbrella Cockatoo into your home?

The truth is that, you may not want to bring an Umbrella Cockatoo into your home. Yes, it is true that Cockatoos are known for their cuddliness and affectionate personality. However, what many people don’t know is that if they’re not properly socialized, trained, and cared for, this particular breed of bird can make your life quite difficult. If you do decide to make an umbrella cockatoo part of your family it’s extremely important you get started with the right kind of Cockatoo Training from the beginning.

All too often Umbrella Cockatoos, and other cockatoos too, are not properly socialized from birth which can result in some behavior problems from the get go. If you, as a new Cockatoo owner, do not jump in with two feet and learn to read their body language, care for them, and train them, well… you’re in for a lot of damage, noise, and unpleasantness down the road.

And by down the road you should know that they can live to be about 80 years old.

They’re extremely loud and can cause hearing damage. They’re destructive and their powerful beaks can hurt when they bite. As they approach adolescence they will begin to exhibit this behavior more frequently and only an attentive and compassionate owner can properly care for them. It should also be noted that they shed a white dander that people can be allergic to. Regular baths can help significantly.

So wait, you might be thinking, why would I want to have an Umbrella as a pet? Quite simply, because when an Umbrella Cockatoo is properly trained and cared for, they can be the most loyal and loving birds around. They’re quite amazing. They are extremely intelligent and many owners find it fun to teach them to talk and perform tricks.

A little background of the Umbrella Cockatoo:

The Umbrella Cockatoo hails from Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They grow to be between fourteen and eighteen inches long and are generally covered in a plumage of white feathers with yellow coloring on the inner half of their wing feathers. They have a black beak, brown or black eyes, and gray feet.

Due to deforestation and capture for the pet trade the Umbrella Cockatoo was added to the endangered species list in 1994. They have since been taken off the list but are still listed as vulnerable. If you are looking to add this magnificent bird to your family, consider visiting a rescue organization and adopting one that has lost their home.

Are You Ready to Own an Umbrella Cockatoo?

Despite the tendency toward self mutilation, screaming, and destruction the Umbrella Cockatoo still remains one of the more popular birds for a very significant reason. When given the care, devotion, and training they require, no…they demand, then the Umbrella Cockatoo will be your most loyal and devoted friend – a friend for life.

 Before you head out to buy your Umbrella, do your research. Learn what they need to eat, how much sleep they need, what kind of cage, toys, and training they require. Speak with an avian veterinarian to learn about any health concerns.

Umbrella Cockatoos need plenty of time outside of their cage, time with you, so you’ll want to also consider how you’re going to fit them into your daily routine. Having an Umbrella in your home is not without its sacrifices however, for the right person and the proper use of trick training they can be a fantastic companion.