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parrot training, conures, training conures

Are you one of the many people who had dreamed of owning a parrot one day? Did you fall in love with the big, boisterous personality of a friend’s macaw or cockatoo? Do you look around your living room and say: “There’s no way I can make room for a cage bigger than my refrigerator”? If so, a conure might be the perfect bird for you!

The conure is a lively, charm-packed parrot that can make those dreams come true without over-taking  your house. A conure has everything the big birds have – but in a smaller package.

You should know, though, that just because a bird is small it doesn’t mean that you can toss food in its cage and be done with it. Small birds need the same level of care, socialization and training as do the big guys.

parrot training, conures, training conuresConures can be territorial and nippy, especially around their cages, and they have a tendency towards being what we call “one person birds”. These birds take a preference towards a single member of the household.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, especially when you are that preferred person, but it becomes a problem when the bird refuses to interact with anyone else but you, sometimes biting others who want to play with them. Worse, they often start to think of you as their mate. During breeding season, they will occasionally attack a family member or houseguest who gets too close to you.

To keep this from happening, the conure owner needs to be educated enough to understand the vital role that proper socialization plays in the raising of their bird.

Parrots, regardless of their size, use biting as a form of communication. When we don’t respond appropriately to their needs or wants, which are usually unclear to new owners, they feel it necessary emphasize their point more clearly with a well-placed bite.

A bird that screams to get what it wants, will only scream louder when demands are not met. To avoid these problems both parrot and owner need to be on the same page. But how?

Training is the easiest and most effective way to make that happen. And the best thing about it is that is solves ALL of your conure problems with just a few minutes of one-on-one time a day.


parrot training, conures, training conures

Think of it this way, I’m sure you know that when you have a parrot it needs out of cage time every day. It would just be cruel to leave a bird in a cage for its entire life, right?

You have a choice…you can spend that out of cage time chasing your unruly conure around the house, as it dive-bombs dad and bites little Timmy’s finger, or you can spend a small fraction of that out of cage time with a quick training session and the rest of the time enjoying each other’s company.

Let us help you. We specialize in training conures to become the much loved family member that you dreamt about when you first decided to get a parrot. We can teach you all the tricks and techniques you need to keep your bird from taking over your house…

  • How to make your bird willing to interact with everyone – even strangers
  • How to address the changes in birds reaching sexual maturity (Yes, birds become teenagers too!)
  • How to manage cage territorial behavior

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