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Jenday Conure

3 Tips to Eliminate Problems Caused
by Poor Socialization in Conures

The Jenday Conure is a popular parrot species. Like their other conure cousins, there are videos of their fun and playful antics all over the internet. This is a big selling point for all conures and people are all too willing to shell out their cash for this attractive and unusual pet. Unfortunately this rush to ownership can often result in a lack of proper care which will ultimately leads to behavioral issues.

Jenday ConurePoorly handled and socialized conures will bite, scream, and even pluck their own beautiful feathers.

The jendays are extremely intelligent and social birds that thrive with everyday interaction with their humans flock mates. Without proper socialization, they are unable to develop the trusting bond that exists with all the cute birds you see in the videos. We know THAT is the bird you are hoping to have. We can help you achieve that goal!

Here are 3 tips to eliminate your Jenday Conure’s bad habits.

Tip #1 Give your Jenday Conure plenty of time and attention every day.

They enjoy interacting with people, so when possible let him out of his cage to hang out with you and your family. Your Jenday Conure also enjoys being handled. Be respectful and gentle while you are getting to know each other and watch for signs that your bird is uncomfortable. This extra consideration will earn you big points in the area of trust. Of course, when you’re unable to be with your Jenday, make sure that he has plenty of room to fly and climb around his cage and plenty of toys to keep him busy.

Tip #2 Don’t accidentally encourage bad behaviors with your Jenday Conure.

Birds watch everything we do and  they quickly formulate ideas for their future behaviors. If your reaction to a behavior has proven worthwhile, they will repeat that behavior later to gain those same results. This is how they learn that incessant screaming will get you to let them out of the cage, or that biting your finger will get you to leave them alone.

If you yell or spray water on your bird for screaming or biting, you teach him to be fearful of you. Fear breeds more bad behavior, you will find your rash behavior is having the exact opposite effect! You want your Jenday conure to trust you and he will…if you are trustworthy.

Tip #3 Trick train your Jenday Conure.

Trick training solves bad behavior problems in several ways. First and foremost it gives your Conures what they want most, attentive and structured time with you. Secondly, it engages your Jenday Conure’s intelligence. Bored Jendays can cause trouble. Trick train your Jenday Conure and you challenge its intelligence. You stimulate its problem solving skills. Third, when you trick train, you build a bond of trust between you and your bird.

Lastly, though not the least important, is that there are specific tricks that you can train your bird to make it stop those annoying behaviors. Biting when you retrieve him from the cage for example can be trained away by training the step up and step down commands.

Trick training must be done correctly, which means that if you’re going to trick train your Jenday Conure then consult the advice and guidance of experts in Bird Trick Training. Look for easy step-by-step guides, like the ones found at The trick training products found there are also designed to eliminate unfavorable behaviors.

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