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Sun Conure Common Problems

Sun Conure Biting and Screaming

Learn What’s Behind Your Sun Conure’s Aggression Let’s face it. There will come a day when you’ll look at your lovely little Sun Conure and consider feeding him to the neighbors cat.

parrot training, sun conures, training sun conuresMaybe he just took a bite out of your finger. Maybe he’s screaming so loud you can’t hear yourself think. Maybe your Sun Conure is pulling out their feathers one by one.

Sun Conures bite, scream and pull out their feathers for a number of reasons, which makes it important to first analyze why you’re Conure is biting. Once you know the reason for your Conure’s aggression, you can eliminate it quickly. What is causing your Sun Conure’s Aggression?

Fear? Imagine being a little bitty bird with your natural instincts telling you that dangers are all around you. Cars rushing by outside your window are predators, not to mention that hawk sitting in the tree on the other side of the window.

Phones are ringing, people are coming and going, and then there’s that big hand that reaches into your cage…If you were that little bird what would you do? You’d probably defend yourself and bite or scream. If you want to teach your sun conure to be less afraid of you we have found target training is the quickest and easiest method to accomplish this.

parrot training, sun conures, training sun conuresAs a Sun Conure owner, it is your job to make sure your bird feels as safe as possible. That means placing their cage in a corner or other location where they don’t have to keep watch on all sides. If your bird’s cage is near a window, consider moving it to a place where they won’t feel threatened by unfamiliar noises, sounds, and creatures.

Also take the time to slowly socialize your Conure and help them become accustomed to unfamiliar sounds, environments, people, and objects. This is a step by step training process where you introduce them, as slowly as they need, to new commands, situations, people, and objects.

Grumpiness. How do you feel when you don’t get enough sleep? Tired, sluggish, and generally off your game? How do you feel after several days, weeks, or even months of bad sleep? Pretty darn grumpy, right? Your Sun Conure feels the same way. How much sleep is enough for your Conure?

Typically they need 11-14 hours, much more than you need. This means you may have to change your habits, no more watching television until midnight if your bird is in the room. You may also consider purchasing a nighttime cage or moving your bird’s cage in the evening to a quiet location where they can sleep in peace.

parrot training, sun conures, training sun conuresPoor nutrition is another cause of grumpiness. Your Sun Conure has a variety of nutrition needs including fresh fruits and veggies, pellets, and the occasional seeds or nuts for treats. If your Conure isn’t getting the nutrients they need, then they will begin to feel poor which can result in more aggressive behavior.

Jealousy is a very common cause of aggressive behavior. The situation evolves innocently. You bring your Conure home and are their main caretaker. They’re loving and affectionate birds which leads to a strong bond between you and your bird. As your bird approaches adolescence they may begin to resent your interaction with other people and animals. The result will be aggressive behavior toward that person.

Nervous handler. Is your Sun Conure training you? Do you pull your hand away as soon as they make a motion toward your hand with their beak? Do you react strongly when they bite or scream? If the answer is yes, your bird is training you. The stronger you react, the more you’re encouraging the behavior in your bird.

parrot training, sun conures, training sun conuresInstead, you’re going to have to show your parrot that the biting doesn’t bother you. That you’re the one in charge. This can be handled a variety of ways including training your bird to step up. Additionally, instead of pulling back when your bird comes at you, you can push your hand forward. This reaction will bewilder your bird and cause them to change their actions.

It is important to understand that Sun Conures are loud birds plain and simple. Some screaming is perfectly normal – screaming all day or screaming aggressively isn’t. Nipping is normal bird behavior too. It is how birds explore their world. If your Conure is pulling out their feathers, take them to an avian veterinarian to eliminate any medical causes first.

Understanding your bird’s behavior is the first step to changing it. Once you have your Conure in an optimal environment and getting enough sleep and nutrition, you can begin working with them to modify their behavior and yours. Through trick training you can teach your sun conure to be the perfect little parrot you’ve always wanted him to be. Don’t give up and don’t feed them to the cat; a little time, attention, and training and you’ll have your happy, loving Sun Conure back.