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Caring for a Jenday Conure

How to Raise a Happy, Healthy Jenday Conure

The best way to have a happy and healthy Jenday Conure is to take wonderful care of them. Proper caging, feeding, grooming, and even training all play an important role in the health and development of your Jenday.

Here’s a list of some of the things you’ll need to begin your role as the proud owner of a Jenday Conure:

    • • Cage and cage cover
    • • Play gym
    • • Cage paper or substrate
    • • Variety of perches
    • • Pellets
    • • Variety of toys
    • • Nail clippers and styptic gel
    • • Treats
    • • Food and water dishes
    • • Training video, book, or DVD

Let’s take a look at some of these in detail.

Jenday Conure Cages:

Your Jenday Conure’s cage is where they’ll spend a significant amount of time each day and night. It is important to make sure the cage is not only made out of a safe and durable material, it is imperative to have a cage large enough to accommodate your Jenday and to position the cage in a location that provides them with sunlight, camaraderie, safety and security.

While the largest cage you can manage is optimal, the minimum cage size for a Jenday Conure is 24″ W x 24″ D x 30″ H, with metal bars spaced no more than ½ inch apart. The best cage material is stainless steel, hands down. It is also the most expensive. Stainless steel is durable, rust proof, safe, and will last the life of your bird.

A secondary option, if stainless isn’t in your budget, is a steel cage treated with a non-toxic paint. The paint helps keep the metal in good condition. It is extremely important to make sure the paint is chip proof and non toxic. The last thing your Jenday wants to eat is paint, yet you can be certain they will beak the cage bars.

Cages with wheels are helpful if you plan on moving the cage from time to time. Cages with a metal grate positioned above a removable tray are also optimal for cleaning. Cage covers help with nighttime sleeping as a Jenday requires 10-12 hours of quality restful sleep each night.

Jenday Conure Food:

7496659142_112865e56aPellets are an important part of your Jenday’s diet. Some owners feed their birds a diet based in seeds and nuts. This is a good way to kill your bird. Sorry, it’s true. Seeds and nuts have a high fat content. Too much fat and your Jenday will be susceptible to fatty liver disease, a weakened immune system, cancer and more.

Save the seeds and nuts for treats. Instead, feed your bird a diet based in natural pellets. Natural will ensure they’re free of pesticides, a common cause of illness in birds. Also seek to provide pellets to your Jenday that are free of added colors and sugars.

In addition to pellets your bird will flourish with regular fresh fruits and vegetables. Offer vegetables and fruits in a variety of shapes, textures, and even preparation. Fruits and veggies can be cubed, julienne, pureed, cooked, raw, etc…

Variety keeps your Jenday interested in eating healthy. Of course it’s important to offer a variety of fruits and veggies too. Your Jenday will most likely find favorites, however it is important to offer all colored vegetables to ensure proper nutrition. The only veggie you don’t want to offer is avocado, it is toxic.

Water Your Jenday:

Water is also a necessity for life. Fresh water is important to your Jenday. The absolute best water you can offer is filtered, non chlorinated water. Chlorine isn’t good for your bird.

Jenday Conures are excellent companion birds for any family who has the time to take proper care of them. Proper care includes both the basics of caging and feeding as well as training and simply spending time with your Jenday each and every day.

They’re social birds who thrive on social interaction. Trick Training is a positive way to provide great interaction on a daily basis. Take care of your Jenday and they will live a long and virtually problem free life with you and your family.

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