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Jenday Conure Parrot

The Jenday Conure is a bright rainbow of both color and personality. They’re known to be one of the more affectionate Conures.

Two Conure ParrotsTheir affection makes them second in popularity as a companion parrot to the Sun Conure. In fact, many Jenday owners say that their birds are downright cuddly.

The Jenday Conure Parrot, native to Northeastern Brazil, is also known as the Jendaya Parakeet. A veritable rainbow of colors, it starts with yellow on their heads which turns various shades of green along its body to the tip of the tail.

A Jenday Conure’s underbelly is covered with crimson and orange feathers cover their abdomen. Tinges of blue frame the feathers on the bottom of their wings.

The Jenday Conure Parrot is generally a loud and chatty conure that will often screech for attention or for his own enjoyment. If you live in an apartment or a community where walls are shared, this may not be the best bird choice for you. You can however train your conure jenday to scream less through trick training.

However, the Jenday Conure is an intelligent bird and is easily trained if they’re properly socialized and handled by an owner who has taken the time to build a bond of trust.

The Jenday Conure is normally a very calm parrot. This isn’t to say that they don’t bite; any bird will bite under the proper circumstances. They are however more tame than many and can often spend large amounts of time outside of their cage with great ease.

Outside of the cage or inside, the Jenday Conure enjoys playing with their owner and with a variety of toys. You will often find a Jenday Conure jumping through hoops or hopping from perch to perch inside their cage.

Capable of entertaining themselves, you may find a Jenday hanging from their cage bars and climbing around they’re cage. Perches should be at least 9″ long and ½” in diameter; a variety of perch sizes to exercise feet and help prevent arthritis is recommended.

The Jenday Conure Parrot, like many Conures is a very active bird and needs exercise time outside of their cage. They need to spend time outside of their cage hanging out, cuddling and playing with their owners. If you are unable to spend a few hours every day interacting with your bird outside of their cage, then the Jenday Conure may not be the right bird for you.

The Jenday Conure is often considered a good family bird because it can deal with the loud sounds and sudden movements that children often make. Additionally, because they are good natured and tame, owners generally don’t have to worry about injuries to children. However, owners will be smart to keep close attention on interactions with children to prevent injuries to your Jenday.

Growing to a length of 10 to 12 inches the Jenday Conure will live their full life expectancy, 20 years, with proper care and feeding. In captivity a Jenday Conure will thrive on a pellet based diet and daily fresh fruits and vegetables.

Proper cage size for a Jenday is imperative. They need plenty of space to move around and play while you’re away. Too small a cage and you’re asking for trouble. It’s like you being trapped in a closet. You can find more information on caring for a Jenday Conure with this link.

Sure you’re protected from the elements but you can’t really move around and the boredom will drive you insane. The result of too small a cage for your Jenday will be aggression, screaming, and possibly pulling out their beautiful feathers.

A cage approximately 24″ W x 24″ D x 30″ H, with metal bars spaced no more than 1/2″ apart, will make a good home for your Jenday. With any bird it is best to provide the largest cage possible. In fact, if you can provide your Jenday a flight cage, you’ll have a very happy bird.

Due to their popularity, the Jenday is readily available at pet stores and breeders and is a relatively affordable parrot to purchase and maintain.