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Stop Your Nanday Conures
Biting and Earn His Trust

Your Nanday Conure is a lively and intelligent bird. They exhibit fun and amusing behaviors , learn words, and they are tremendously capable when it comes to training.

You have already also noticed that your Nanday Conure can be quite noisy with just their normal vocalizations. As with all parrots big and small, a lack of proper care, socialization and training can allow your bird to develop a screaming habit that will send you running for cover.

Conure species can also be prone to biting. Neither behavior is acceptable but both can be corrected with training. Have the peaceful, gentle bird you always wanted with our help: One Day Miracles DVD Series. (See below to order a free episode!)

Nanday Conure Screaming:

Nanday Conures scream for many reasons. They may be trying to tell you that the food dish is empty, or that they need more time out of the cage. They may also be screaming to manipulate your behavior – a skill your intelligent bird will master…if you allow it.

For example, does your Nanday Conure scream when you walk out of the room? Do you know why? It’s because the first several times he did this, you returned to the room like the dutiful pet owner you are to see what is wrong. Unfortunately, your actions taught your bird that screaming will make you return to the room. We can help!

Make sure that your Nanday’s screaming behavior isn’t caused by boredom, lack of nutrition, too small a cage or any other environmental issue. Remember that your Nanday is an incredibly social and animated parrot and occasional loud vocalizations may simply be his way of communicating with you. However, screaming should be considered a behavior problem which can be modified with appropriate training.

Nanday Conure Biting:

Biting behaviors among Nanday Conures generally happen when they have been unable to communicate something to you in a more passive way. Birds communicate through body language and, as humans, we don’t always understand what they are trying to tell us. Birds are typically non violent creatures but will certainly commit an act of aggression when they feel it is justified. A well-trained nanday conure is a social bird that thrives on interacting with their family without needing to involve their beak.

The first step to eliminating biting is to determine why it is happening by paying attention to how your conure responds to you and your different behaviors with him. Learning to read conure body language is a crucial element to proper parrot handling and it will keep you from repeating the actions that caused your bird to bite you in the past.

Nanday Conure Training:

Training is by far the best way to eliminate undesirable Nanday Conure behaviors. As you know, they are exceptionally intelligent birds and when you engage them in trick training you accomplish several things:

    • Keeps their minds and bodies active (very important for captive birds)
    • Allows you both to work as a team towards a common goal (instead of against each other!)
    • Gives you both the opportunity to learn more about each other (builds body language readins skills)
    • Creates a basis of trust that will last a lifetime (this should be your goal with your bird)

We at understand exactly what you’re going through. Over our years of experience with parrots, we have developed a trick training program that eliminates Nanday Conure biting and screaming behaviors for good. Follow our program and you’ll not only have the calmest Nanday Conures on the block, you’ll be putting on shows with the tricks that this amazing conure can learn!

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