Nandayus Nenday: The Nenday Conure |

Nandayus Nenday

Nandayus Nenday

One of the most distinctive-looking parrots is the Nanday Conure. Also known as the black-hooded parakeet, the Nanday is derived from the Nandayus nenday genus of Conures. Its elegant cap of black feathers distinguishes it from other well-known species.

Principe NegroThe Nanday Conure originates from Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Peru. In addition, colonies been reported to have been introduced in the southern and eastern parts of the United States, more specifically St. Petersburg, Florida.

It has a greenish plumage overall, with the lower parts of its body showing more of a yellowish/green color.

The upper part of the breast and throat are blue, and this species is considered a very social and acrobatic parrot. The Nanday also thrives for attention, and is considered to be a good talker. At maturity, the Nanday will become 12 inches long and has a lifespan of over 20 years.

The Nanday Conure breeds at the age of three years, and the female will lay up to six eggs. The incubation period is up to 26 days. The male is always close by.

In the wild, the bird feeds on seeds, fruit, palm nuts, berries, flowers and buds. Feral birds will also come to bird feeders. In captivity, the diet of the Nanday consists of special pellets, fruits, and green vegetables.

When shopping for a cage, it is recommended that you look for one that is a minimum of 24″x16″x20.” The larger the cage, the better – Nandays love to climb and a larger cage will provide them the opportunity to climb and move about their cage horizontally.

A stainless steel cage is preferable. The perches for the cage should be purchased in different sizes. Adding non-toxic toys inside the cage as well as changing the types of toys at regular intervals is also advised to keep your Nanday busy.

If they’re not busy, heck even if they are, they’re inclined to try their best to escape. And they’re likely to succeed. Not only do they have interesting habits, like lying on the bottom of their cage, the Nanday Conure is known as an escape artist.

The Nanday Conures demeanor is one the whole family will enjoy. Mischievous, chronic chewers, and extremely acrobatic the Nanday will need to be supervised when allowed outside of its cage.

As mentioned earlier, because the Nanday is quite social, they need lots of stimulation which includes friendly and loving interaction. According to some owners, the Nanday is quite boisterous but adapts well to its surroundings.

Trained properly, one can teach a Nanday Conure tricks and can be easily controlled if upset. They’re generally considered to be a good first companion bird and are usually good with all family members including pets and children.

Research suggests that this is one of the most beautiful parrots one can own and its good-nature and friendly personality is a welcomed addition to any home. The key to keep any bird healthy rests with its owner, and the Nanday Conure is no exception. Proper diet and exercise, this species will bring years of enjoyment and fun to any welcoming family.