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Parakeet Problems

Common Parakeet Problems

Even though the parakeet is small and known to be friendly and affectionate, they are prone to the same sets of problems found in the larger parrot species. And most of these problems are a result of human error.


Your parakeet is a prey animal and you are a predator. That is a fact. When you think about it, it is impressive that something so small can grow to trust such a large natural enemy. But that trust has to be earned.

Our relationship with a parakeet begins on rocky ground and must be slowly and patiently nurtured and maintained to ensure that it blossoms into a relationship based on trust. And how do you earn a parakeet’s trust? By making sure that each and every interaction is a positive one.

Any time that your behavior is questionable, your bird will step back and re-evaluate its relationship with you. If your parakeet has enough of these negative experiences with, it will eventually decide that you can’t be trusted and the relationship will deteriorate.

How do you build and maintain trust? The single most effective way is through training. Training is a positive experience for your bird. To begin with, the bird quickly sees it as an opportunity to earn rewards, and will eagerly participate for that reason alone.

But it gets so much more than just a delicious treat. The interaction between you and your bird during training is very focused and intimate. An intense bond is built and compounded with every future session. Your intelligent parakeet has the opportunity to use its brain in ways that aren’t otherwise available in captive life.

Every bird should be taught some basic skills so that is manageable in everyday life and in the event of an emergency. Here are a few scenarios showing how training can help you solve common problems:

  • You are giving your parakeet some needed out of cage time. However, he is not particularly fond of your hands and you can’t catch him when it’s time to go back into his cage. You spend the next couple of hours trying to lure him in with a treat.
  • Your parakeet has an appointment for an exam with the vet. The problem is that every time you try to put him in that big, scary carrier, he squirms from your grasp and flies away.
  • You reach into the cage to retrieve your little darling, but instead of a gentle step onto your hand, you receive a painful bite. You pull your hand out surprised at the power in that tiny beak, but your feelings are hurt worse.

None of these circumstances have to be yours. Parakeets are so easily trained that a child can do it with the right instruction. We have courses available for any problem you might encounter with your parakeet. CLICK HERE.