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Boredom And Destructive Behavior

I don’t need to tell you how wonderful your green Quaker parrot is, you already know that. What you may not know is that some of his more undesirable behaviors – you know the ones, the biting, screaming, and pulling his feathers out – can be eliminated simply by making sure he isn’t bored.

Quaker ParrotThink about it, what happens to you when you’re bored? Do you get grumpy? Do you feel sorry for yourself and angry with the world? Many bored children tend to get into trouble when they’re bored. The same is true for your parrot.

He becomes grumpy, unhappy, and may even look for trouble to entertain himself. Our training package will show you how trick training eliminates this problem so your green quaker parrot never bites or destroys anything again.

Here are three easy tips to cure your Green Quaker Parrot’s boredom.

Toys are vitally important to parrots but they are especially important to a green quaker parrot. Why? Because they, more than most other birds, enjoy spending time in their cage. If your bird doesn’t have toys to play with, he’ll act out by biting and screaming.

So what are the right toys to give your Green Quaker? The answer is largely dependent on your green Quaker. Give your parrot a large variety of toys, toys that make sounds, toys that are different colors, sizes, shapes, and colors. Puzzle toys are excellent to engage your parrot in his creative thinking processes and green Quaker parrot is particularly fond of these type toys.

Keep an eye on your bird and watch what he plays with and what toys simply sit undisturbed and unwanted. Remove those toys after a week or two of not being played with. This will give you a better indication of what types of toys your green quaker prefers.

Where you place your green quaker parrots cage is important too. The best place in your home for most parrots is in the main room of your home where they can watch the family activity.

However, make sure that your bird’s cage isn’t exposed on all sides because this can make them feel unprotected and vulnerable to attack. Instead place their cage in a corner or against a wall where they can watch you and your family move about but don’t feel like they have to stay on guard at all times.

Some birds enjoy being able to see activity outside and this can be a great way to help them stay engaged however other birds are intimidated and feel defenseless when their cage is placed in front of a window. Examine where your bird’s cage is currently placed and how it is affecting his behavior.

The last and maybe most helpful tool to engage your bird and prevent boredom is to trick train your green quaker parrot. They are intelligent birds and Quaker Parrot training will accomplish several things. First, it will engage your bird’s problem solving ability, which is something that green Quaker parrots enjoy.

Secondly, trick training builds and reinforces your bond with your parrot. It also helps your bird to understand the rules of your home. Lastly, trick training can be used to eliminate undesirable behaviors from your bird.

Trick training can be used to eliminate biting, screaming and feather plucking. For more information on how to use trick training to improve your green Quaker’s life and to eliminate unwanted parrot behaviors visit the trick training experts at and take advantage of their products and free resources.