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Teaching A Quaker To Talk

5 Steps to Teaching A Baby

Quaker Parrot To Talk

One of the great pleasures of owning a baby Quaker parrot is the opportunity to teach it to talk. Few pet owners have the opportunity to communicate with their animals in such a manner. Dogs don’t talk. Cats don’t even take the time to listen and fish and rodents well…

Here are 5 tips to make teaching a baby Quaker parrot to talk easier and more successful. If you find these helpful, you’ll certainly want to check out our complete parrot speech training program that will Teach Parrots To Talk.

Step #1 Repeat the phrase often to your quaker parrot.

Most baby Quaker parrots learn phrases they hear repeatedly. For example, if you want your bird to learn to say “Hi Baby!” say the phrase every time you enter the room. The repetition will help him catch on but so too will the physical cue of you entering the room. He’ll begin to associate your entrance with the phrase and pretty soon when you enter the room he’ll be saying “Hi Baby!”

Step #2 Talk a lot to your quaker parrot.

Experts agree that the best way to teach a baby Quaker parrot to talk is to talk to them a lot. The same is true for small children. The more accustomed they become to the sounds of speech the more able they will be to copy they.

Step #3 Parrots pick up on the energy behind words and any words spoken with strong energy whether it is angry or happy will be more likely to be repeated by your baby Quaker parrot.

This is the reason so many parrots swear. Their owners have unintentionally taught them those words by saying them with emotion. Use this knowledge to reinforce words you want your baby Quaker parrot to learn. For example when teaching a baby Quaker parrot to talk or say the word “Cookie” if you yell it like your angry or extremely happy then it is more likely your parrot will pick it up and repeat it.

Step #4 Add a physical cue to your word or phrase.

Entering a room and saying hello is a great way to teach your bird to say hello. He’ll begin to associate your action of entering the room with the word and soon he’ll be saying it when you enter. You can also add a wave to the physical cue. After some time training and using the physical cue with the word hello, your baby Quaker bird will learn to say hello to you when you wave. You won’t even have to speak.

Step #5 When teaching a baby quaker parrot to talk, or any bird for that matter, positive reinforcement strengthens the behavior and speeds up the time it takes to succeed.

Using the example of teaching your baby Quaker parrot to talk or say the word hello when you wave to him, if your baby parrot repeats the phrase or speaks the word click and give him a tasty treat. Eventually you can shape the behavior so that you’re rewarding him only when he responds to you waving at him.

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