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Why Do Parrots Need Toys?

Sun conure baby - 19

(One of our sun conures as a baby playing with our natural toys.)

If this same question were being asked with reference to a human child, the answer would be glaringly obvious. Toys teach. They help children discover their world in ways that are interesting and entertaining. Toys stimulate the mind and help with manual dexterity. The same is true of parrots, the right toys keep a parrot thinking and entertained, but there is much more to the story with them. If you were to go outside and watch your local birds, you would discover them to be constantly in motion.

They are a blur of activity: flying, hopping, climbing from tree branch to tree branch. It is the level of activity that a bird’s body is designed for. Our companion parrots, by comparison, are idle, not because they are lazy but because a life in captivity doesn’t require them to do much of anything – we do it all for them. We all want our birds to live well in our care and while being waited on might sound like a great life to us, it is not the ideal situation for a bird.

A bird’s body is designed for a life filled with activity and sadly, the vast majority of companion birds do not approach the level of exercise they need to stay healthy. The sedate, perch potato lifestyle of the captive bird is resulting in a high rate of obesity and all the health issues that go with it. Aside from providing opportunities for exercise, toys fulfill a bird’s instinctive need to chew. As almost all parrots species are tree cavity dwellers, chewing is a big part of their life.

Chewing is required to hollow out a hole that is just the right size and shape for their species. Once the renovation is complete, the nest is lined with other materials that are chewed to the right size and consistency. The need to chew is instinctive and exists in our captive bred parrots. If our furniture is going to survive having a parrot in the house, we need to provide them with toys they need to fulfill this urge. Additionally, the act of chewing naturally wears down the beak – a parrot that plays with toys should never need beak trimming.

Toys are an essential. That is the reality.

What Toys Are Best For MY Parrot?

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(Some of the toys you could receive from us! Colorfully dyed with pure vegetable dyes, no harsh chemicals!)

There are many types of bird toys available. There are toys with moving parts, toys that make sounds, bullet proof acrylic toys, preening toys and toys made from natural materials. It can be hard to make a sensible choice for your bird.

With our own birds, as well as our clients’ birds, there is no way around the fact that the single most popular toy type is the one made from natural materials. All birds have different preferences as to their likes and dislikes, but there is one constant: their need to chew.

Every bird likes toys that are destructible and when you see a toy lying in tatters at the bottom cage, you can rest assured you have chosen well.  Having a cage full of toys that go unused is no better than having no toys at all.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.49.00 PM


It should go without saying that no toy is okay unless it is completely safe. Sadly, that is not always guaranteed. The pet industry is huge and it will come as no surprise to you that it frequently cuts corners in quality in order to generate more profit. This is done at the expense of our pets and without any warning to consumers.

While doing our research for the perfect toy supplier, we made toy safety our top priority. Not only do we want to provide YOU with the very best there is, but these are the toys our own birds are playing with every day. We looked at all aspects of each toy and it had to stand up to our personal safety standards:

checkmark Leather has been vegetable tanned – Tanning is way leather is processed to prevent it from degrading. Most leather is tanned using chemical compounds which is not a problem for humans, as leather would rarely wind up in our mouths. But leathers bird toys are intended to spend time in a parrot’s mouth and must be vegetable tanned.
checkmark Colorant is vegetable based – Part of a parrot’s attraction to toys is their vibrant color and our toys are nothing if not colorful and fun to look at. Paints are NEVER used and colorant is complete toxin free.
checkmark Metal hardware is either stainless steel or nickel plated – Heavy metal toxicity is a genuine concern among parrot owners and can be fatal. Any metal chains, rings and links that are used in our suppliers toy construction are NOT the same as the ones sold at the hardware store which are galvanized (a process using zinc) to make them weather resistant, but also makes them toxic to our birds.
checkmark Wood toys parts are not from treated lumber – A process called pressure treating is used to offer weather resistance and longevity to wood that is used for outdoor building. The process forces chemical preservatives into the wood making it toxic to our parrots.
checkmark All toys are creatively hand-woven and hand-crafted. This means there are no glues used in the toy construction and without the use of heavy machinery, there is no possibility for machine oils or factory dusts to contaminate the toys.
checkmark All of the natural materials are harvested from chemical free areas and use no pesticide during shipping. – The palm leaves, sisal rope, coconuts, oyster shells and plant fibers used in these toys are 100% safe and chemical free!


5 BIG Reasons to Join Our Monthly Toy Program


macaw toys (8)

(Our blue throated macaw Jinx playing with our natural toys while in his outdoor aviary.)

Our supplier is a fair trade organization that is environmentally and socially conscientious. They provide a source of income for hundreds of families locally and we feel privileged to be able to bring all of this goodness to you in our unique PARROT TOYS BY MAIL program.

CONVENIENCE:  Life is hectic for all of us. It’s easy to walk past the bird cage without noticing the need for new toys. Not only is it unfair to let a bird suffer from boredom in the cage, it is also the cause of many problem behaviors such as screaming and feather plucking. When toys are delivered to your door each month, it is one less trip to the pet store and one less worry for you.

SAFETY AND QUALITY ASSURANCE:  Every toy available in our monthly program has been rigorously tested by our birds who have some pretty big beaks. Not only are they completely safe in materials and construction, they are durable and can handle the kind of abuse that only a bird can hand out.

TAILORED TO YOUR BIRD: Our toys come in species appropriate sizes, so whether you have a parrotlet or a macaw, we have you covered.

DISEASE FREE:  None of our toys are handled by anyone who has handled birds. This is a safety protocol to prevent the spread of avian diseases. I was in a pet store one day watching a woman sorting through the bird toys. I commented about appreciating her attention to detail and she went on to explain that it was very important to her because her bird was very sick and she wanted it to have its favorite things before it died. It was very sad, but she’d touched just about every toy with the same hands that touch her sick bird. You just never know.

SIMPLICITY: Here’s how it works… Just click to order your small, medium or large Toys By Mail subscription based on your bird’s species and we will send you 3 new toys every month that your bird will love to destroy! Small birds: budgies, lovebirds, parrotlets, cockatiels, small conures. Lorikeets, quakers Medium birds: large conures, poicephalus (senegals/myers etc), caiques, pionus, ringnecks, alexandrines, lories, goffins cockatoo Large birds: eclectus, amazons, African greys, macaws, cockatoos The monthly cost is very reasonable and it couldn’t be easier to sign up!

$19.95 – Small Birds

$39.95 – Medium Birds

$59.95 – Large Birds

And if a happy and busy bird isn’t enough of a reason to sign up…

When you join today you’ll Also Enjoy Two Special Bonus Gifts…


We’ll Send You SIX Parrot Toys… FREE!

Three parrrots

(Our camelot macaws Comet and Tusa, and blue throated macaw Jinx having fun with some of our toys on top a travel cage for easy clean up afterwards! You can also use these placed on foraging trees, the floor, the tops of your bird’s cage and inside the cage – as well as outside the cage to get more creative!)

Sign up today, and you will be automatically enrolled in my “Toy Rewards Program” which will entitle you to six parrot toys — FREE over the next year!

The toy rewards program is not like other “rewards” programs you may have already experienced, where you need to carry punch cards or stamp cards in your wallet, remember to present them at purchase, and THEN remember to redeem your gift!

Forget the hassles…

Because with the “Toy Rewards Program” you will be automatically gifted a FREE package of parrot toys every sixth month of your membership!

That’s $39.90 to $119.90 worth of FREE toys per year, depending on the program you’re enrolled in.

It will all happen automatically… The free toys will arrive by mail… You will not be charged that month… And you won’t need to lift a finger.

We’ll Also Send You This Special Report…

To make sure your bird is truly safe in your home, I’d also like to send you this very special bonus report…

“Keeping Your Birds SAFE From 
The 100 Most Common Household Toxins!”

There’s a mile long list of common household plants and products that are deadly for your bird.
So we’ve put together this careful report, to make certain you know exactly how to keep your bird away from the hidden dangers in his home environment…

… Including many surprising items that you wouldn’t THINK are hazards!

You’ll automatically receive this report (a $19.95 value, yours FREE!) within the next 5 minutes by email, as part of your membership sign-up package.

Remember, when you join the Toys By Mail program you will get all of this:

checkmark Absolutely NO enrollment or sign-up fee, just the regular low monthly dues.
checkmark Your choice of toy packages for small, medium, and large species birds!
checkmark The Special Bonus Report… “Keeping Your Birds SAFE From The 100 Most Common Household Toxins!”
checkmark A 100% money back guarantee for unused toys returned within 30 days as part of a membership cancellation
checkmark And of course, the satisfaction of knowing your bird is playing with SAFE toys that are 100% toxin free!

 Here Are Just a Few Examples of the Many Toys That are Available Through our Parrot Toys By Mail Program…

The Giant Bamboozler… For the big beak, this tower of shapes and textures will keep your bird busy for HOURS! It’s packed with interesting materials like coconut shell, husk, bamboo, veggie, leather, cuttlebone, and oyster shell! It is open in the center allowing you to add even more fun stuff to this toy like shredded paper or nuts in the shell – making it double as a foraging toy!


 The Party Piñata…  Birds are nuts for the Party Pinata and will spend hours and hours chewing and tearing apart this carefully wound bundle made of palm leaves and natural tropical plants!  This toy is sized for small and medium birds but the clever woven design makes it durable enough for the big guys too!


The Giddy-Up Horse… Don’t be surprised to find your bird hanging around this toy…literally!  It’s shaped like a horse, but it doubles as a swing and it’s full of climbing opportunities! It will keep your feathered buddy occupied for hours while exploring the coconut shell, husk, bamboo, veggie leather, cuttlebone, and oyster shell pieces!


Bird In The Bush… Small and medium-sized birds love to chew on this colorful palm leaf toy. At bedtime, it is a favorite place for a small bird to snuggle under for the night. The tangle-free natural fiber strands make it a perfect (and SAFE!) preening toy for birds with feather destructive issues.



Each month, you’ll not only enjoy the surprise of opening a fresh box of three exciting new toys for your birds, you can also be assured that every toy…


checkmark Is made of 100% natural materials including coconut shell, corn cobs, husk, bamboo, veggie leather, cuttle bone, and oyster shells!
checkmark Every toy is designed to be shreddable and destroyable for your bird’s pleasure!
checkmark Each one includes endless shapes and textures to keep your bird mentally stimulated!
checkmark All toys have been colored using natural vegetable dyes!
checkmark Every toy is made of renewable, recyclable materials!
checkmark They only use 100% natural handmade sisal cord and come with wooden hooks or safe stainless steel or nickel plated quick links for easy hanging.
checkmark Many toys include oyster shells that are an excellent source of calcium! (We’ll make sure you get a regular shipment of these!)
checkmark All toys are manufactured, packaged, and shipped in a clean, smoke-free, bird-free environment.

Become A Club Member Today
… Without Risking A Dime!

Becoming a member of our “Parrot Toys By Mail Club” is easy.

Simply fill out the form provided at the end of this letter, letting us know how many birds you’d like to sign up, and what species they are.

As soon as we receive your membership application, we’ll process it, and get your FIRST toy package on its way to you by postal mail.

We’ll custom-pack the order especially for YOUR species and size of bird.

Whether you own a single large species, or multiple parrots of various species, you’ll get exactly the right size toys, for exactly YOUR species!

All for just $19.95 per month for small species, $39.95 per month of medium species, and $59.95 per month for large species.  Very reasonable… especially when you consider they’re all guaranteed to be 100% natural, and toxin free!

Plus, there’s no long-term commitment.

No membership fees.

And no money risk.

As long as you’re a member, we’ll send you a fresh package of new toys each month…

But if at any time you don’t feel you’re getting your money’s worth, you’re welcome to cancel… and return unused, unopened toys to us within 30 days for a full 100% refund!

We can feel very comfortable making this money back offer to you because, as long time owners of multiple birds ourselves, we know how expensive bird toys are and we know we are offering you a bargain…safe toys that your bird will LOVE at a great price.

And our most powerful endorsement is this… our own birds are toy club members.  The toys you will receive with your membership are the same as the ones we give to our own treasured flocks. We speak from experience when we say these are the best toys for all sizes and species of birds – from budgies to African greys, cockatiels to macaws.

(This is our female rose breasted cockatoo (galah) Bondi, who couldn’t wait to dig in to the latest shipment of toys we got for the entire flock of nine parrots we have.)

Bird Toys

Click Here Now to Become a Member of Our All Natural Parrot Toy Program!

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No toy can be guaranteed 100% safe forever!  Check your toys frequently and remove any that are worn out or fraying. Never leave empty chains or rope hanging in the cage as they present a serious entanglement danger.