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How To Keep Your Blue & Gold
Macaw From Biting

Blue and Gold Macaws are my favorite species of Macaw to work with. A Blue and Gold’s temperament is easy to work with and can be a lot of fun as their playful nature is hysterical at times. But let me warn you… without proper training, Blue and Gold Macaws can be terrible to own. Especially during the 6-8 weeks during spring when they are especially aggressive.

Blue and Gold Macaw VideoBecause 4 years ago I inherited a Blue and Gold Macaw from my parents who had never had a lick of obedience training in his life. He was mean, bit anyone who came near him and was extremely territorial of his cage.

And now, 4 years later, that same Blue and Gold Macaw (Tiko), is a totally different bird.

He knows how to perform nearly 20 tricks… including how to ride roller-skates and a scooter. He can dunk a basketball in a little birdie hoop, and rolls over on his back to let me pet his belly!

“But Best Of All… He Doesn’t Bite Anymore!”

Chet Womach and Tiko His Blue and Gold Macaw

That’s right… because he was trained with a powerful combinations of parrot taming and training techniques that I teach in my Parrot Training Course For Blue and Gold Macaws.

It’s a complete, step-by-step system that shows you how to get Blue and Gold Macaws to: 

  Watch a LIVE video demo of me taming our wild, biting Blue and Gold Macaw, “Tiko.”(See how I handle “Tiko” as he lunges at me, screaming and biting — and how I lovingly calm him down… until I can pet him with my BARE HANDS 5 minutes later!)
How to STOP your Blue and Gold Macaw’s screaming by teaching it to WAVE for your attention!You’ll be amazed how quickly you can transform this annoying habit into a cute trick that will delight your friends!
Teach your Macaw to ‘step up’ onto your hand (without biting) in as little as 3 minutes — no longer than 3 days! 
The #1 Most Critical Mistake almost EVERY Blue and Gold Macaw owner makes when trying to break the “screaming cycle” — and how to avoid it! 
How to take a Blue and Gold Macaw that’s NEVER been handled and tame it until it ENJOYS being touched on every part of its body — in as little as 15 minutes!

I’ve been offering this course to hundreds of Blue and Gold Macaw parrot owners, and everyone of them is seeing amazing results. Their Macaws are going from evil little devil birds, to some of the sweetest Blue and Gold Macaws you’ve ever seen.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you and your Blue and Gold Macaws, sign up for our free parrot training videos and lessons here

STOP your Blue and Gold Macaw's screaming