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The Beautiful Camelot Macaw

So you’re looking for Camelot Macaw breeders, and I’m guessing of course that you would like to see a list of the best Camelot Macaw breeders available. Well, let’s see how we can help, but first, let’s talk about the Camelot and why it is hard to find standards on this exotic bird.

The Camelot Macaw is a second generation hybrid (a mutt in the macaw world). As most mutt lovers will tell you, the fact that this bird is a mutt – hybrid – does not detract at all from the fact that it is an incredible bird of unbelievable beauty.

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You can check out our full Camelot Macaw Fact Sheet as well to get more info on this beautiful macaw. As usual, there is great debate among macaw lovers if Camelot macaw breeders should continue to breed a hybrid.

In the dog world, where the term mutt is commonly used, every breed of dog originated as a “mutt” or “hybrid” and it took a few people some careful deliberation to decide that they should pursue the development of that particular hybrid as a breed.

The Pit Bull, as we commonly refer to the American Pit Bull Terrier, was developed from a dog that started out as a large, intelligent, strong and protective dog turned bull mastiff (when it arrived to Great Britain).

This dog went through some changes due to climate, ownership, purpose and to make a long story short, someone decided that the qualities of the terrier would add to the qualities of the bull mastiff, so they made the bull and terrier, which went through additional changes as a “farmhand” when it reached America and in the end became the American Pit Bull Terrier with some look alike cousins across the ocean. There is only one dog species and the breeds are developed from the original dog.

The bird world is different, very different because there isn’t only one species, but it is estimated that there are over 10,000 species of bird. Camelot macaw breeders created a cross between a Scarlet Macaw and a Catalina Macaw (A Catalina is a first generation hybrid of a Scarlet with a Blue & Gold Macaw).

The Catalina Macaw is a hybrid that has Scarlet in it and is mixed with a “pure” Scarlet Macaw as well. In other words, it is predominantly Scarlet, but each mix or blend can bring out the features of one or the other breed within the same species. Camelot macaw breeders when questioned, argue that these “blends” occur naturally within nature and they are simply assisting in the process.

There are at least 23 different types of macaw that developed from within six genera. A genera is a taxonomic grouping and has one or more species. For instance, in the Ara species, there are 14 different breeds of Macaw, and it so happens that the Scarlet and the Catalina Macaw (hybrid of the Scarlet with Blue & Gold Macaw) are both from the Ara species.

When Camelot macaw breeders create this hybrid, they are not searching for another species or even another Psittaciformes which would be qualified as a true mix. The macaw comes from the Psittacidae family which basically means the parrot family, within the Psittaciformes there are two families, one is the Psittacidae, and the other is the Cacatuidae (cockatoo). It’s within the Psittacidae family that there are six genera.

All of this information may be too much to want to deal with, but it really helps the Camelot macaw breeders if they are ever caught in an argument!

Camelot macaw breeders strive to achieve the perfect blend, but the Camelot macaw varies in coloring. Although most people assume that the Camelot macaw is predominantly yellow, this is not necessarily true. Camelot macaw breeders have achieved an array of color where red or yellow can predominate. They also have a green in the nape, back, and wings. One in five have been reported by Camelot macaw breeders to have been born with an orange or yellow dominant coloring, and are generally three quarters scarlet.

Note: Watch out for this bird! The Camelot Macaw is very loved, sought after and admired, but Camelot macaw breeders will tell you that this bird has the personality of the red head it is! For more information like this and much more sign up for our e-mail newsletters!