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Eclectus Parrot Cage and Diet Info

The Right Eclectus Parrot Cage

parrot training, eclectus parrot, training eclectus parrotsThe Eclectus Parrot is one of the parrots that commonly deal with obesity. They enjoy eating and are messy eaters. One of the reasons they’re prone to obesity is that they have a tendency to prefer richer foods that are higher in fat like seeds and nuts. Equally important is you have the right sized Eclectus Parrot Cage so he has room to exercise inside of it.

It is strongly recommended that you keep your Eclectus Parrots consumption of nuts to only one or two a day, and make sure your Eclectus is getting the exercise he needs.

So what do you feed your Eclectus? Only 5-10% of their diet should be based in color free natural pellets. It is important to feed them pellets without color because the color can affect their molting. Besides, the coloring is added sugar and your beautiful Eclectus doesn’t need it. The remaining 95% of your Eclectus diet will be fresh fruits parrot training, eclectus parrot, training eclectus parrotsand vegetables.

Introducing a variety of fruits and vegetables early on is a good way to keep your Eclectus healthy and prevent them from being picky.

Most fruits and vegetables are healthy for your eclectus parrot. They enjoy berries and are especially fond of pomegranates. They generally enjoy apples, pears, bananas, melon, carrots, green beans, peas, squash, corn on the cob, and green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, and collard greens. You can also feed them brown rice and seeds.

The cage requirements for an Eclectus a.k.a Eclectus Roratus are different. Even though they’re only 14 to 15 inches long, they require a large cage. Minimum eclectus parrot cage requirements are a cage that is between three and five feet tall.

parrot training, eclectus parrot, training eclectus parrotsThe base of the eclectus cage needs to be two feet by three feet, at a minimum. A good cage for an Eclectus is a macaw cage. It gives them the room to spread their wings and exercise and it is tall enough that they can follow their natural instincts and climb.

Cages that are square are optimal. Other ideal eclectus parrot cage features are casters, stainless steel construction, drawbridge type doors, and a wire grate bottom with a removable tray below the grate to make cleaning easy and fast.

Where you place your Eclectus cage is of great importance. They are intelligent and gentle birds and do not do well in a noisy or chaotic environment. If their environment is too stressful, they have the tendency to pull all their feathers out.

Take a look around your home and consider where the quietest and most structured area may be. Try to place your cage against a wall or in a corner to help your Eclectus Parrot feel safe. There are several places out there to find an Eclectus Parrot Cage but if you shop around you can find a great cage reasonably priced.

parrot training, eclectus parrot, training eclectus parrotsToys are another area of concern. A happy Eclectus is a busy Eclectus. They enjoy toys that enable them to climb, chew, and solve problems. When purchasing toys, offer a variety including toys that make noises, are made of various materials, and that are in different colors. You can check out our monthly organic toy program here.

You will also need to supply your Eclectus several perches of a variety of diameters and shapes will help keep their feet healthy. Fruit tree branches will give them something to climb as will chains, ropes, and swings.

Weekly cleaning of the cage is necessary and your Eclectus will love a weekly shower too. Basic exercise includes time out of the cage every day.

The best way to build a bond of trust and to keep their brains engaged and active is to also spend time training them every day. Training your eclectus will prevent behaviors like screaming and biting. The Eclectus is generally a kind and gentle bird and when properly cared for, they can be the perfect companion for life.

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