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Caring for a Green wing Macaw

Caring for the Green wing Macaw Parrot

Green wing Macaws are magnificent birds. They have spectacular plumage and a personality to match. They’re affectionate, social, and intelligent.

parrot training, training macaws, greenwing macaw, training greenwing macawsThat isn’t to say that they don’t have their issues but when they’re cared for properly, they do quite well in most families.

Green wing Macaw Parrot Diet:

Proper care includes a nutritious diet, quality sleep, and a cage environment that meets their needs.

In the wild a Green wing Macaw eats lots of fruits, leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, leaves and bark. Additionally, in the wild, they lick clay to detoxify poisonous seeds they eat and to gain minerals. In order to live their long live in optimal health, owners will feed their Green wing Macaw a pellet based diet, natural parrot food is best. Pellets will be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

When feeding fruits and vegetables to Green wing Macaw Parrots, try to offer a variety. Green and orange vegetables are great. Offer them in a variety of forms, cooked and raw, pureed and chopped. Mixed vegetables are great too.

Fruits can be offered in just as much variety taking care to remove seeds. It is optimal to feed your Macaws organic fruits and vegetables, free from pesticides. If organic isn’t available or isn’t in your budget, thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables and peel the ones with skins.

Green wing’s love to munch on seeds and nuts however these yummy treats have a high fat content which can cause liver disease and other deadly illnesses. Instead, offer seeds and nuts as treats and rewards. This will give your bird the best of both worlds, a healthy diet and treats from you, their one devoted love.

Quality sleep is important for Green wing Macaws. Without it they are prone to grumpiness. I’m pretty sure you’d prefer to avoid a grump Macaw, especially one this large. To ensure quality sleep, make sure your bird is able to sleep in a dark quiet place. That may mean you have to cover or move their cage at night.

Green wing Macaw Parrot Cages:

With any bird, the bigger the cage, the happier the bird. The happier the bird, the happier you and your family will be. With Macaws this is even truer. The absolute minimum cage requirements are 3 feet by 2 feet by 5 feet. A tall cage is a must because Macaws are treetop dwellers and they enjoy climbing to the highest heights.

What cage material to buy?

A Stainless steel bird cage is the best and it will last a lifetime. It is also very expensive. Your next option is to get a steel cage that has been treated with a non-toxic paint. Make sure the paint won’t flake off. Macaws have powerful beaks and will most likely spend some time ‘beaking’ their cage. If they’re swallowing toxic paint, they can become very sick.

What cage features to look for?

There are a few features that will make your life easier and your bird’s life healthier. A door that opens down or to the side is the safest type of door. A guillotine door is extremely dangerous. A cage on casters makes it easy to move. Make certain the bars are close enough together that they cannot escape or get caught. Lastly, it is important to make sure the cage has a wire grated bottom and a pull out tray below it for easy cleanup.

Green wing Macaws are large birds to be certain. They’re also one of the gentlest when they’re cared for properly. Proper care means taking the time to make sure they receive optimal nutrition, plenty of sleep, a large cage to accommodate their needs as well as plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

Good care doesn’t stop there. Green wing Macaws need time with their owners each and every day. Time out of the cage is happy time for the social and loving Green wing. Whether you’re playing, hanging out, or training, Green wing Macaws thrive on interacting with the one’s they love.

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