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Green Wing Macaw

Chris Used Our System To Stop His
Green Wing Macaw from Biting

If you want to discover the secrets to getting a Green wing Macaw to stop biting, you’ll want to read this great story about how Chris Leach rescued his abused Green wing Macaw, and used our step-by-step Green wing Macaw training system to overcome his birds biting problems.

We hope that by sharing this story with you, you’ll have more faith and confidence in the FACT, that any Green wing Macaw, no matter how mean or aggressive, or how severe he bites, can be trained to be a well adjusted, loving and friendly Green Wing Macaw.

Green Wing Macaw Success Story

“Before I got my rescued Green wing Macaw, he’d been left on a porch for 4 years WITHOUT human contact…

… With your system, in JUST 20 MINUTES
I could pet him anywhere!”

“My story is pretty unique I believe.

I bought a rescued Green Wing Macaw, probably about 5-6 years old back in January ’06 and I named her “Peanut.”Well, Peanut had a rough background with her previous owner. The man contracted cancer and was unable to tend to his birds.

Instead of selling them to loving homes, he kept them (eight in total) on a screened-in back porch with NO human contact for 4 years!!!!

Peanut was the worst behaved of all of them, and the last Green wing Macaw parrot to be sold because of it.

You could not get within ten feet of her cage without her flapping, screaming, and lunging everywhere. She would try to kill you through the cage.

I brought her home and two weeks after, I found

I ordered the starter kit, watched the DVD, listened to the CD, and got the courage to open the cage! After I finally got her on a perch, I began the training taught on the DVD.

Twenty minutes into the training, I could pet her anywhere! TWENTY MINUTES!!!

Now she is the BEST parrot ever! I even let her sit on my shoulder! She waves on command, shakes her head “no” on cue, and even talks now.

My advice to anyone with a bird…? Buy EVERYTHING the Womach Brother’s product. It’s well worth the money — I believe this system would work for ANYONE!

Chris Leach
Proud owner of “Peanut”
GreenWing Macaw
Easley, South Carolina

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Chris Used to train his Green Wing Macaw to stop biting.