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Hahns Macaw

Hahns Macaw Training Info

I never recommend that anyone purchase a Hahns Macaw without picking up a copy of this Hahns Macaw training course first. It’s a course that shows you real life footage of professional parrot trainers working with mean, aggressive, biting parrots and showing you step-by-step, how to overcome their behavior problems.

This take you by the hand approach has helped hundreds of Hahns Macaw owners to teach their birds to willingly step up, stop biting, screaming etc.

Hahns Macaws also get a HUGE benefit from the trick training lessons that this course offers.

Hahns Macaws see drastic changes in their behavior when their owners take a few short minutes to teach them a trick like how to wave, or dunk a basketball in a toy hoop or ride a scooter.

Just the act of teaching Hahns Macaws to do these behaviors opens up a whole new world to your Hahns Macaws. It teaches your bird that you aren’t scary and that there are fun ways to interact with you where he can actually have fun.

This means you can say goodbye to intimidating, aggressive behaviors your Hahns Macaw may be displaying. You can easily modify a Hahns Macaw’s responses and turn even the most aggressive macaw into a well-behaved and trusted family member of the family.

We have a Macaw “Taming and Training” system that can accomplish marvelous results. We will demonstrate our training techniques, in front of a camera, using untamed and untrained Macaws, so that you can follow along with your parrot.

Training your beautiful Hahns Macaw to love being pet is no longer impossible…

By watching our “Taming and Training” video, you will:

  • Discover how to train all species of Macaw parrots
  • Stop a Hahns Macaw’s biting once and for all!
  • Cure the fearful & territorial Macaws
  • How to drastically diminish Macaw screaming problems

Additional help we offer includes:

  • E-mail for your questions
  • Forums where Hans Macaw owners can discuss certain techniques
  • Help with avoiding common errors when dealing with your Hahns Macaw
  • Ways to learn calming strategies to use on your bird

If any of those benefits sound good to you, then don’t wait a minute longer… sign up for our free training newsletter today and start teaching your Hahns Macaw how to be a more loving pet.

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