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Socializing Hyacinths

Having A Happy Hyacinth Macaw

Since I started consulting with Hyacinth Macaw owners over 4 years ago, and taught hundreds of Hyacinths how to behave better
through my training course for Hyacinth Macaws I believe there are 2 simple things you must do to get a Hyacinth Macaw to remain nice through it’s whole life.

  • Properly Socialize Your Hyacinth Macaw


Get your Hyacinth around new situations constantly. Slowly introduce new toys, new people and new objects. Hyacinth Macaws need to be taught that it’s ok and normally to see something new. And it’s your job as their caretaker to make sure that new exposures are pleasant

Don’t push Hyacinth Macaws into situations that scare them. Every new situation should be a fun playful process and have EXTREMELY low anxiety for the Hyacinth.

So keep new exposures limited to just a few minutes here and there throughout the day. Just exposing your Hyacinth Macaw to 3 new happy situations, people or toys a day will go a long way in keeping him happy for life.

Just remember that this should be a daily and weekly habit for the first few years of your Hyacinth Macaws life. Just exposing him to a few things for the first few months won’t be enough, it needs to be a continuing process until he is a full adult. And even then it’s still a good idea to continue on.

  • Watch How Other Hyacinth Macaws Are Trained

But the hand’s down best way to learn how to raise perfect Hyacinth Macaw is to watch videos of Macaws being trained!

That’s why I created a system where you get to watch real, untamed Macaws being trained to stop biting, screaming and other behavior problems.

So you can just take your Hyacinth Macaw and follow along.

We have received hundreds of success stories from owners of Hyacinth Macaws and they find that just watching me on video and teaching them how to train their Hyacinth Macaw a few tricks has been instrumental in completely changing their birds behavior for the better.