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Indian Ringnecks

Look But Don’t Touch

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The Indian Ringneck  is a great talker, which is wonderful attribute in its own right, but it’s their voices that make them such an attractive parrot. They have a most adorably sweet and expressive quality to their voice – it puts an ear to ear grin on your face that is impossible to wipe off.

If you go online and check out videos of talking ringnecks, you will want one, guaranteed. BUT, before you buy, you should know that they have earned a reputation of being difficult birds to own.

Ringnecks are not exactly “people” birds. While some will allow some forms of physical interaction, many do not care to be handled by humans. This quality does not make them unfriendly, just independent. They are perfectly happy in the presence of their owners, and will agreeably step up for a ride into the living room, but generally, they prefer the relationship to be otherwise hands-off.

But sometimes when a bird is not handled often they can grow hesitant about being handled at all. A ringneck is a good candidate for training because it will give your bird reason to agree to handling and will keep him friendly when your hands need to be involved in his care.

You might also find it interesting to know that we took a film crew into the home of a fearful ‘Indian Ringneck’ and fixed lots of it’s problems in just one day.  To learn more about that project and watch how we were able to dramatically change that Ringneck’s behavior click here.

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Indian Ringneck, parrot training, training indican ringnecksDuring breeding season, the indian ringneck changes its tune and becomes very physically affectionate, although not in a good way. They become reactive to the hormones in their system and DEMAND your attention. It must be understood by the owner that the advances are of a sexual nature, and when you don’t respond appropriately (to their way of thinking,) they become offended and nippy.

Another breeding behavior common with this species is regurgitation. During breeding season they will often leave a white, pasty coat of regurgitation of their favorite toys, requiring extra cleaning efforts from their owners.

Lovable In Its Own Way

This is not to imply in any way the the indian ringneck is a poor choice for those looking for a parrot to love – they just require companionship in a different way than other birds. The indian ringneck needs an owner that understands and accepts its nature.

Indian Ringneck, parrot training, training indican ringnecksIf you are the type of bird owner who doesn’t require physical interaction from your bird, this might be a great species for you. They are remarkably intelligent parrots, who learn to speak from an early age, and you will love spending time teaching new words to your bird – if only to hear its delightful voice.

Why not take it a step further and train your bird to do tricks to accompany that cute voice?

Even birds that prefer not to be touched need meaningful interaction with their owners. Training is the perfect way to spend time with your bird in a way that is non-invasive to him physically but still provides the perfect outlet for quality time together.