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Lories And Lorikeets

Parrots in the loriidae family are among the most visually stunning of all parrot species. They are inquisitive, outgoing and hilarious when at play – hiding under objects or wrapping themselves up in your shirt bottom. They are acrobatic and love to hang upside down on their toys and swing by their powerful feet. They are very intelligent and make fun and interesting companion birds.
parrot training, lorikeets, training lorikeetsLories and lorikeets have some unique physical characteristics and dietary needs. They have evolved a long brush-like tongue to accommodate a nectar and pollen diet – two distinctions which differentiate them from other parrots species. However, their specialized diet causes their droppings to be very messy and far reaching. This fact makes the lory and lorikeet a somewhat less popular species in aviculture than others.

It isn’t unusual for a potential new owner to be drawn to the lory or lorikeet based on their beauty. However, in contrast to their brightly colored plumage, their demeanor can sometimes be less than bright and cheery. Someone unfamiliar with the lory might find themselves unprepared for their feisty personality.

They are sometimes erratic and difficult to understand. Just when your play time seems to be going along nicely, your lory takes exception to the game and lets you know it with a well-placed bite. It’s sometimes shrill vocalizations can be a most unpleasant way of getting your attention. Those who are experienced, frequently use the word “ornery” in association with this species. The lory is a bird that requires a bit of parrot know-how.

Getting To Know The Lory And Lorikeet

Both the lorry and the lorikeet are very territorial and can become possessive over their belongings and their favorite people. This possessiveness can lead to aggression when they feel their boundaries have been disrespected. The typical result is biting, which they are quick to do when they don’t get their way. The inexperienced lory owner will not likely understand the body language that precedes these events and might grow to feel uncertain around this unpredictable species.

parrot training, lorikeets, training lorikeetsLories that go unmanaged in the household have been known to fearlessly attack other birds, especially those of other species, regardless of their size. This can result in death or injury to a bird of equal or smaller size, and it puts itself at grave risk when taking the offensive with larger birds. A lory is a bird that does not back down and it will stand its ground against you or any other family member or pet in the household – sometimes to its own detriment – sometimes to yours.

Does any of this sound familiar? Is your lory or lorikeet already calling the shots in your house? Relax. We can help. Raising a well-mannered parrot, one who understands his role in the family dynamic and doesn’t feel emotionally threatened by other birds or pets is a difficult job for someone inexperienced.

Arming yourself with knowledge and having a trusted source for accurate and thoughtful information is the best way to prepare for the task of raising a confident, yet not “overly confident”, lory or lorikeet. Establishing boundaries and rules of play are key in guaranteeing a great relationship with these beautiful birds.

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