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How To Stop Your Macaws Screaming

parrot training, training macaws, macaws, stop macaw screamingThe technique I’m about to share with you has been used on my own macaws, and by thousands of my customers parrots as well. It’s a time tested technique that works for virtually all parrots, and is a surefire, gentle technique for getting your macaw to stop screaming.

And to be fair, this technique works best when used on parrots who are screaming for your attention, and will probably be ineffective on parrots screaming out of fear, aggression or jealousy. If you think this is your parrot and want to try our course you can check out our other information on training macaws.

What is this magical technique you ask? Simply… training “Replacement” behaviors. I know, I know… that doesn’t sound all that fun, or magical, but let me explain.

You see it’s easier to train a parrot to DO something, than it is to NOT do something. That means that if your parrot is screaming, and you try to train it to NOT scream, you’re going to be fighting an up-hill battle.

 parrot training, training macaws, macaws, stop macaw screaming
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Instead you should brainstorm a list of behaviors that you’d like your parrot to perform as a way to “replace” his screaming.

Remember, we’re dealing with macaws who are screaming for attention, so think of an acceptable behavior that you’d like your parrot to call for you with.

This lets the macaw still be able to call for you, but would be much quieter.

Here Are Two Replacement Behaviors I’ve Trained My Own Macaw:

  • Train Your Parrot To Call For You With Words!

That’s Right! Many parrots can talk, so why not use that to your advantage. If you have a parrot that likes to talk. Startparrot training, training macaws, macaws, stop macaw screaming rewarding him with treats, attention and praise whenever he says a phrase you’d like him to start calling you for. Before you know it your parrot will realize that every time he says the “magic words” he gets your attention.

This doesn’t mean you need to run over to him every time he says his “magic phrase” but you should at least call him back, to let him know where you are. Many parrots in the wild use contacting calls with their other flock mates. And if you’d just give your parrot a quieter means to call you by, he’d be happy to change, if it meant getting your attention more.

And if you own a parrot who can’t talk, this method will still work for you. Just train it to make a quieter noise, or maybe a whistle. It’ll accomplish the same thing.

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  • Get Your Parrot To Play With Toys Instead

Another fantastic way to train your parrot to stop screaming is to reward him with attention when he starts playing with his toys. It helps a parrot who’s screaming for your attention because he’s bored, and teaches him that he can entertain himself if he’d just play with his toys.

parrot training, training macaws, macaws, stop macaw screamingI personally taught this behavior to my Blue & Gold Macaw, Tiko, by rewarding him with small treats whenever he touched his toys.

Pretty Tiko realized that if he just went over and touched his toys he would get a treat.

So I continued to up the ante, making him bite at the toy, then climb on the toy, then thrash the toy around, until he literally started having more fun thrashing the toy around than he did eating the treats I was trying to give him.

You can see the types of natural parrot toys I used for this. And that’s the whole POINT! To train the bird that it’s a heck up a lot of fun to play with toys! This will help your bird to not want your attention as much, thus not scream for you as much, and instead happily play with his toys — after all, they’re more fun 😉

Do you see how easy training replacement behaviors can be? All you really need are a few of your parrots favorite treats, and a few spare minutes of time to catch your parrot doing a behavior you’d like him to replace his screaming with. And as long as you consistently reward your parrot for performing that behavior, and remember to IGNORE his old, BAD behavior, your parrot will be stand a good chance of kicking his bad screaming habits to the curb.

Training Your Macaw To Stop Screaming