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Training A Military Macaw

We have been training Military Macaws for the past 4 years and have been getting amazing results with getting an aggressive, biting Military Macaw to become extremely gentle and loving to their owners.

Military Macaw
Military Macaw Trained With Our
Powerful System Of Training Videos

The key to getting a Military Macaw to love you is to use a parrot training system for Military Macaws that walks you through how to overcome the behavior problems they have now, and that they’ll have as they go through each stage of their lives.

For example, Cash, the Military Macaw you see to the right was purchased from a breeder who did a TERRIBLE job at properly training their Military Macaws to like people.

So when we got our Military Macaw, we put him on a strict training program that built up his confidence, taught him not to fear human hands, and some other basic skills we teach in our military macaw training course.

So if you have a Military Macaw that has some behavior issues you’d like to fix, you should seriously consider getting our course.

We have a Military Macaw “Taming and Training” system that can accomplish marvelous results. We will demonstrate our training techniques, in front of a camera, using untamed and untrained Macaws, so that you can follow along with your parrot.

And it can teach you the same systematic formula that we used on Cash, our Military Macaw, also known as the Ara Militaris that eventually ended up working so well, that he was flight trained to perform on stage and in front of thousands of audience members from all over the world at the Hyatt Regency resort in Saipan.

We’ll even show you a handful of easy to train tricks that have been proven to help hundreds of our students Military Macaws overcome issues like:

  • Military Macaws that hate to be touched
  • How to stop the Military Macaws Loud Screaming
  • Keeping Your Military Macaw from plucking his feathers

… and a whole lot more!

So if you’re interested in fixing your Military Macaw’s behavior problems, or if your Military Macaw doesn’t currently have any problems, but you want to make sure you keep it that way, then click here to receive a free parrot training video lesson.

Dave Playing With His Military Macaw Cash: