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Military Macaws

“Military Macaws: Stand and Salute!”

Choosing a macaw that is in kinship with your own disposition can be easily attained by acquiring Military Macaws. Unlike their cousins, who can be a bit rambunctious, the Military Macaw happens to be a favorite among macaw lovers and those who are engaged in show birds.

 Military Macaw
  Military Macaw Trained With Our
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Today, there are more than 17 species of macaws who originate from Central and South America. They can be as small as 12 inches or as large as 39 inches. The Military Macaws size is approximately 27 inches.

Their green plumage is quite beautiful, and while they look a great deal like the Buffon’s Macaw, the Military Macaw head is a lighter shade of green with a red spot above the beak.

Where did the name “Military” Macaw originate? According to experts, it is the “attire” which makes the macaw looks like its ready to “march in a parade.”

Another facet of this macaw is that it tends to show off a bit by pretending to be aggressive when, in fact, it is has a wonderful disposition.

Military Macaw Trained With Our Powerful System Of Training Videos

But, as with other birds of this species that are not attended to with any frequency Military Macaws can become a bit belligerent. The key to a companionable Macaw is often regular training and plenty of attention and exercise outside of their cage. For more information on training sign up for our Free newsletter.

If you do acquire a Military Macaw, you will need a very large stainless steel cage, or steel cage coated in a non-toxic and non-chipping paint. The cage needs to be able to provide the macaw room to flap its wings, climb, and play.

We do highly suggest a stainless steel cage though as macaws are capable of chipping off the paint and ingesting bits of the metal flakes which will lead to metal toxicity poisoning.

They need a good diet and exercise program to ensure they remain healthy and happy. Providing several perches of different sizes allows the macaw to exercise.

Providing parrot toys of different shapes and sizes is also important to keep them stimulated – these are intelligent birds and they need to be engaged when you can’t be with them.

A good variety of toys will include durable toys of differing textures, sizes, materials and purposes. Some toys are designed to make noise, to be climbed, to be chewed and there are even puzzle toys. All types of toys will keep your Military Macaw stimulated, and less prone to behavior issues.

Natural pellets, the foundation of a Military Macaws diet, are a great beginning of a sound diet. In addition, daily supplementation of fruits and leafy green vegetables are recommended. Nuts and seeds are best left for treats as they are high in fat and a diet too rich in fat can cause fatty liver disease, cancer and other avian medical concerns.

A water dish for bathing is also required for the water loving Macaw. In fact, you can purchase a shower perch for your macaw if you decide to take him in the shower with you.

They love the water and exhibit a playful attitude when engaged in this bathing routine. This is a great time to spend with your military macaw that often leads to a better bond.

The Military Macaw is very affectionate, intelligent, and social. They can be trained in such a manner that they become an important part of your family. Military Macaws, while they require several hours a day of their owners time, are smart cookies who train well and can become a companionable member of the family. When home, they’re content to hang out in a playpen or perch outside their cage, keep you company in whatever room you happen to be in, or spend time training.

Unfortunately, however, Ara Militaris are an endangered species and have been all but disappeared from their native habitats. This is due in part to the fact that they are quite affordable and have been captured and exported in the trade market. Deforestation also plays a large role in the disappearance of the Military Macaw and many other parrot species.

The Military Macaw is a beautiful bird and one that you would be proud to own and care for. The only decision you have to make is whether or not you have the time and the disposition to devote a great deal of attention to this most affectionate bird. We also have some great information on common military macaw problems.