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Scarlet Macaw Cage & Diet Information

Scarlet Macaw Cage & Diet Information


Scarlet Macaw Cages:

The Scarlet Macaw is a large and dynamic bird that requires special consideration. Before you even consider adding a Macaw to your home it is important to know that they’re large birds and they need a large space to live. Minimum cage requirements are 36x36x72 inches.

They need a lot of space to move around, forage, and climb. In the wild you’ll often find them in pairs or small groups sitting atop the highest trees.

Large cages, tall cages, give them the ability to climb and behave as they would in the wild. Make sure there is plenty of room for a variety of perches, climbing branches, and hanging toys.

The Scarlet Macaw is also known to have an extremely powerful beak. This strength means that not only does the cage need to have room to hand and place a variety of chew toys; the cage itself needs to be strong enough to withstand your macaws beak.

The best material, the most durable material, for a macaw cage is stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong, it won’t rust, bend, or chip, and you’ll never have to replace it. It’s also the most expensive type of cage material.

If you don’t have the funds in your budget to buy a stainless steel cage, particularly since Scarlet Macaws themselves are very expensive, then you can look into a steel cage that is coated in a non-toxic and non-chipping paint.

The paint generally helps to give the cage a more polished appearance and it helps protect it against rusting. Your Scarlet Macaw will climb on and chew the bars so make extra sure they won’t be eating paint.

Some other features that are handy to have on a cage are wheels so you can move their cage at night. A wire mesh bottom with a removable tray that sits below the mesh makes daily clean up quick and easy and for the fastidious Scarlet Macaw, cleanliness is important.

Always avoid a door that opens like a guillotine because your bird can become caught in the door. Drawbridge or side swinging doors are much safer. You may also want to consider investing in a lock for the door. Scarlet Macaws are intelligent and puzzling out how to get out of their cage is a common trick.

Location of your Scarlet Macaws cage is your next big concern. It is optimal to find a location that is both free from drafts and also provides plenty of natural sunlight during the day. Natural sunlight is critical for the development of vitamin K which contributes to healthy skin and feathers. It is also important to make sure your Macaw’s cage is in a location where they can feel part of the family.

Placing them in the laundry room or guest room will make a very unhappy, which will result in some pretty awful behavior. A better location might be to place the cage in your family room. Additionally, to make them feel a bit more secure, place the cage against a wall or in a corner. It helps to calm their natural protective instincts.

Scarlet Macaw Diet:

The second important consideration before you bring a Scarlet Macaw into your family is that they eat a lot. They can weigh up to two and a half pounds and that means a lot of food. So what do you feed these large birds? All healthy birds begin with an natural pellet based diet. For our suggested natural pellet check out To supplement the pellets look to provide a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Not only can you provide a variety of foods including hot peppers of any color, berries and sweet fruits such as papaya, mango, melons, citrus, berries, grapes, bananas, figs, cranberries, pomegranates, cactus fruits, persimmons, beets, sweet potatoes, turnips, yams, and carrots, you can offer them cooked, raw, and sliced or presented in many ways.

Some macaws can be picky and a wide variety from a very young age will help keep them interested in and trying all foods, which keeps them healthy. Nuts and seeds are also a favorite however due to their high fat content are best left as treats and rewards.

While it takes a lot of time and attention to keep your scarlet macaw healthy, happy, and strong it is well worth the reward. Scarlet Macaws are amazing and engaging birds and are a wonderful companion for the right person or family.