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Training A Scarlet Macaw To Love You

If you own a Scarlet Macaw that’s got some behavior problems you’ve come to the right place. I’m an avid lover of Macaws, especially the scarlet macaw, and I’ve got some quick tips to give you that can help get your Scarlet to stop biting, screaming or feather plucking.

Scarlet Macaw in a TreeScarlet Macaw Training TIP #1:

Scarlet Macaws respond extremely well to positive training techniques. Through a pretty simple trust training process, a Scarlet Macaw can be taught to work for food rewards — even if yours won’t currently take food from your hand!

These techniques are so powerful, that Scarlet Macaw owners all over the world are finally able to use these techniques to establish a way of communicating to their parrots and gaining their trust.

Much like a person might train their dog to sit or stay on command… Scarlet Macaw owners are finding they can get similar results with getting their bird to stop scarlet macaw biting and screaming.

Scarlet Macaw TIP #2:

Don’t reward your Scarlet Macaw when he screams! A Scarlet Macaw can put out quite a loud scream, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t encourage this scarlet macaw behavior. And contrary to popular belief, the way to do this is NOT by yelling or punishing your bird, but by training what I call a replacement behavior.

For example, most Scarlet Macaws also known as the Ara Macao scream because they want your attention. So instead of giving them attention for screaming, start giving them attention for something else, and stop giving any form of attention for screaming.

Pick a word that you’d like your parrot to say that is more acceptable than screaming, and start coming to your Scarlet Macaws cage or talking back to your macaw with a contact call if he says that word to you when you’re out of the room.

Pretty soon your bird will realize that screaming never gets your attention, but that saying your ‘secret word’ does! It might take a few weeks, but once he figures it out, you can pretty much kiss the screaming goodbye for good. If you’re still having trouble even after implementing this tip I have developed a course specifically to stop screaming.

Scarlet Macaw Training TIP #3:

Pick up some video tapes where you get to watch a professional trainer train his Scarlet Macaws live. You’ll pick up a lot of tips by watching a pro work with the bird and you’ll be better able to apply those training techniques to your own Scarlet Macaw, than just trying to read about how to train them on the internet, or in some book.

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