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Severe Macaw

Severe Macaw Information

The Severe Macaw is a lovely bird from the macaw family wrapped up in a small package. One of the main characteristics of the Severe Macaw is that it is so people friendly and its size is somewhat more manageable as it measures at only about twenty inches from head to tail.

parrot training, training macaws, severe macaw training, severe macawsWith a colorful and fun personality, Severe macaws (also called the Chestnut Fronted Macaw) make for a great family pet.

Severe Macaw Training

Using our Severe Macaw Training Package you will learn how to train your Severe Macaw whether young or old to be a great addition to your family. The same training can be applied to stop your Severe Macaws biting and other negative behaviors.

The Severe Macaw if taunted can do some harm, but as with most animals a little loving care goes a long way. This bird will let you rub its head and belly, and severe macaws are great at learning tricks.

Severe Macaws have the advantage for bird lovers of being an extremely social bird. They are not only social with people, but with other birds as well. It is best to have a pair of Severe macaws instead of a single one so that they will entertain each other.

Many birds will not do well with people if they have a bird companion, but the severe macaw has the advantage of being so social, that it will do well with both human and bird companions.

Severe Macaw Environment

The Severe Macaw is great at mimicking and loves to be petted, unlike many other macaws. A very intelligent bird, the severe macaw needs to be physically and mentally challenged. If they are bored, severe macaws can create much mayhem so it is best to have a pair or to fill the cage up with hours of fun and entertainment.

Ropes make great toys to be chewed on and for the severe macaw to climb on as well, because they are great climbers. Natural Parrot toys are fun and keep the severe macaw beak occupied and deterred against more destructive chewing.

The bonds they form with humans are very strong. The severe macaw is extremely responsive to interaction with humans and in giving and getting lots of affection.

They are silly, active, love to get out and see the world and very playful. If you wake up in the morning and see your severe macaw upside don’t rush him to the vet, he likes to swing and look at the world from every possible angle.


Severe Diet

As far as food goes, they’re not as finicky as other birds. The severe macaw will eat nuts, fruit, seed, pellets, beans, vegetables, and all sorts of treats.

Because the severe macaw has a smaller build, you can use a cage built for a parrot instead of a macaw. A good rule of thumb would be to look for a medium sized stainless steel parrot cage. Still, don’t automatically think of the severe macaw as a small bird and buy small bird toys that he can choke on.

Severe Macaws are native to northern Venezuela, the Guyana’s and Brazil. They are little known as companion animals though they make wonderful family pets when hand raised and captive bred.

It is said that severe macaws are the best talkers in the macaw family and can be noisy like most birds in the macaw and parrot families. To really develop your Severe’s talking ability we created a teach your parrot to talk course. There is of course no guarantee that your particular severe macaw will be a conversationalist, but there’s a pretty good chance he’ll fill your life with joy, love, and lots of entertainment.

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